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Student Services

BHS School Counselors are available for all students to access. They can assist with topics including academics, personal and social concerns, and college and career preparation. Students can set up an appointment to see their School Counselor in the Student Services office by contacting the Student Services Secretary.

Counselors by Student Last Names:
Mr. Jones: A-F
Ms. Maher: G-F 
Ms. Cox: L-Rn
Ms. Blair: Ro-Z

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Mark Jones

Buffalo High School

(Last Names A-F)

Shanlee Maher

Buffalo High School

(Last Names G-K)

Christina Cox

Buffalo High School

(Last names L-Rn)

Jennifer Blair

Buffalo High School

(Last names Ro-Z)

College and Career Coordinator

Natasha Leach

Buffalo High School

Minnesota Transfer Coordinator | On the Job Training Teacher

Student Services Staff

Kris Wurtzberger

Buffalo High School


Tonya Vega

Buffalo High School

Student Services Secretary

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College & Career Planning


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Chemical, Mental Health, Bullying, & Loss Resources

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