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Early Childhood Family Education

ECFE is an Early Childhood Family Education and School Readiness preschool program. We provide parent education, together with early childhood education, for parents and their children aged birth to kindergarten enrollment and include expectant parents. Parents and children participate in classes, parent discussion groups, home visits, early childhood screening, special events and preschool classes. We are part of Community Education and are funded by a local tax levy, state aid, grants, and fees. Classes are taught by Minnesota licensed early childhood or parent teachers. The ECFE mission is to support and strengthen families.

Our mission in all of our early childhood programs is to support and encourage all staff and families to be successful in implementing a social-emotional framework in all early childhood environments. Early education not only prepares our district's youngest learners for primary school but also provides meaningful opportunities for our students to interact with one another. Our programs support early language development, self-regulation and coping skills, physical growth, self-care skills, cognitive skills and social emotional competence in a least restrictive environment. Through partnering with caregivers and community members using the Pyramid Model we are building a foundation for students to engage in successful interactions and become healthy, functioning citizens at home, at school, and in the community.


Phone: 763.682.8780

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