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Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

Vision:  Pursuing excellence and inspiring continuous improvement 


The Teaching & Learning department works centrally as an integral part of BHM schools.  Our team is guided by the following beliefs and commitments:  

  • A commitment to equity and inclusion is imperative for the improvement of our system and all within it.  We advocate for systemic change and challenge the status quo to disrupt inequities.  
  • Bringing a variety of perspectives and experiences together deepens our understanding and strengthens our work.  We create and facilitate collaborative opportunities.
  • Designing quality curricula enhances experiences and leads to student achievement.  We provide tools and use questioning to assist others in the instructional design process. 
  • Everyone has a significant role in student success.  We connect our students, staff, and community to resources that empower and promote growth.
  • Expectations provide a target for achievement.  We hold high expectations for all.
  • High quality instruction leads to high levels of learning and engagement.  We model research-based strategies and best practices and encourage transfer to classroom instruction. 

2022-23 Combined World’s Best Workforce Summary & Achievement and Integration Progress Report

World’s Best Workforce Plan

BHM School District's Local Literacy Plan

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