Staff | Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools



Amy Ernst

Director of Special Services

Tessa Newby

PRIDE Transitions

Site Supervisor | Assistant Director of Special Services

Kelly Russek

Special Services Director's Secretary

Angie Boelter

Special Services Department Secretary

Alexa Hinz

Third Party Billing Coordinator

Courtney Gusel

Special Services Site Coordinator  PES | HES | NES | TESS 

Breanna Landrus

Buffalo Community Middle School
Montrose Elementary School of Innovation

Special Services Site Coordinator

Danielle Winkelman

Buffalo High School

Special Services Site Coordinator   BHS | DES 

Tamra Jacobs

Special Education Evaluator HES | NES | TESS

Jenna Kulberg

Special Education Evaluator DES | MESI | PES


Becky Burmeister

ECSE Teacher Discovery

Jennifer Greenhagen

Early Childhood Coordinator

Jodi Guckenberg

ECSE Teacher Discovery

Jill Loomis

ECSE Teacher Parkside

Melanie Stenson

ECSE Teacher Parkside

Kendra Hartigan

ECSE Teacher Hanover

ECSE Evaluators

Julie Hohenstein

Speech-Language Pathologist

Kristin Schneider

ECSE Teacher/Evaluator

Speech /Language Pathologist

Crystal Aurich

ECSE Speech-Language Pathologist  DES | PES 

Patty Landsberger

ECSE Speech-Language Pathologist  MEEC | DES | PES 

Sally O'Malley

Speech-Language Pathologist

Itinerant Staff

Darcy Bodger

Occupational Therapist  ECSE | DES | HES | NES | PES

Ashley Brausen


Physical Therapist

Allan David


Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher

Michelle Foss



Jennifer Heebink

Buffalo Community Middle School
Buffalo High School

DAPE Teacher

Craig Horejsi


Blind/Visually Impaired Teacher

Pam Melenich

 DAPE Teacher ECSE | DES | HES | MESI 

Carrie Mueller

Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant ECSE | DES | MESI | NES

Lori Rankila

Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant HES | PES | TESS

Nate Sunderman

DAPE Teacher NES | PES | TESS | PRIDE Transitions

Samantha Telega


Occupational Therapist

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