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English Language Development

The English Language Development (ELD) program serves people whose primary language is not English. The program assists English Learners (ELs) in their various academic areas while also helping them to develop their English literacy skills.  ELs may be facing the challenge of learning English while keeping up with their academic requirements.  Some of these students may also be adapting to a new home, culture, or even a foreign country.  The ELD program helps students find academic and social success by supporting the EL community through tutoring, mentorship, specialized English instruction, and sometimes bilingual instruction.

If you are in need of ELD services, please contact Amy Ernst, Director of Special Education (see below)

Amy Ernst

Special Education Services Director

Jaclyn Hendrickson

Montrose Elementary School of Innovation
Northwinds Elementary
Parkside Elementary

English Language Development Teacher

Erin Boettcher

Hanover Elementary
Tatanka Elementary STEM School

English Language Development Teacher

Laura Ortega

Buffalo Community Middle School
Buffalo High School

English Language Development Teacher

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