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What Makes Hanover Unique

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Personalized Learning

Teachers consistently collaborate to ensure that all students learn at high levels. They analyze student data, share ideas and utilize researched-based strategies to meet the needs of each student. Flexible grouping practices in reading and math show excellent, personalized results for all of our students.

teacher with student

Nurturing Environment

We create a warm and welcoming environment where all students feel safe and able to take on new challenges. Our staff build strong relationships with their students, which promote positive and healthy connections. Our well-equipped classrooms, media center, beautiful playground and school forest classroom offer ideal learning environments. 

students on computers

Meaningful Use of Technology

Technology is integrated into each classroom through the use of iPads, laptops, Chromebooks, Smart Boards and two mobile labs that are available on demand. We use a variety of apps, websites and software, including Google Apps for Education, to improve communication, learning and collaboration.

boys running outside in a hoop

Specialist Classes and Special Programs

Students participate in music, physical education and arts integration. Many special programs also promote student learning. Hornetdale gives students in grades 1-2 practice in money management. Special musical productions are performed by students in grades 2 and 4 annually. 

parent volunteer with student

Strong Parent Involvement

We value parent support and involvement. Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) hosts many activities, from bingo night to our spring event, as well as funds important needs such as additional technology for the classroom, books for the media center, musical instruments and a resident artist who provides art instruction. More than 400 volunteers add to the success of the school every year. Many local community businesses also support our school, including the Hanover Athletic Association, Hanover Lions Club and River Inn. 

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