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Parkside Elementary

Parkside Elementary School's mission is to provide an educationally strong yet nurturing environment for all children to learn.  Learning and growing are what we are all about - challenging ourselves, learning to interact positively with others, and reaching academic success.  We are committed to working in partnership with our families so that each of these children that we share can have the best educational experience possible. 

At Parkside Elementary, we are proud to offer a warm and welcoming environment for our students, staff, parents and visitors.  We currently have approximately 400 students in grades kindergarten through grade 5.  In addition to the core curriculum, our specialist teachers provide instruction for vocal music, physical education, and library media/ technology.  Qualifying students are further supported with Title I instruction and Reading Corps Tutoring. All of our teachers are highly qualified and fully licensed in the areas in which they teach. Parkside Elementary School houses two district level programs servicing children in the Quest Gifted/Talented Program as well as in special education. 

Parkside rewards positive behaviors to build the social skills of students and create a positive culture. We work together as both staff and students to support each other, learn and have fun.


Parkside CARES

C = Cooperation
A = Assertion
R = Responsibility
E = Empathy
S = Self-control

Collaborative Art project on wall

Our Parkside school motto is:
Parkside CARES - for ourselves, others, our learning, our school.

Attendance Line

If your child will be late or absent to school for any reason, please call our attendance line at 763.682.8582, and leave a message with your child's name, teacher name and the reason for the absence.  Unreported absences will be considered unexcused. (Linea de asistencia española: 763.682.8516.) If you are planning a family vacation, please remember to fill out and turn in a "Prior Approval of Family Vacation" form in advance.

Parent Visits

Parents are always welcome to visit Parkside! All visitors must check in at the main office. You will be required to sign in and wear a badge while in our building. If you wish to visit a classroom during the school day, please arrange the time and date in advance with your child's teacher. The teacher will notify the office to expect you.
If you would like to have school lunch with your child, please call the kitchen ahead of time so that we can reserve you a lunch at 763.682.8511. 

Drop offs and Pick ups

Our school is located on city streets, so parent parking is limited. There is no parking directly in front of the school on either curb during drop off and dismissal times (approximately 7:10-7:45 am and 2:00-2:40 pm). This is our bus loading zone and a one-way street. See the Parent Drop off & Pick up information below for more details on parking, parent pick up location and safety reminders.


School Day Schedule

7:25 am

Students begin arriving at school.

7:45 am

School day begins. Students should be in their classrooms at this time.

2:05 pm

Students who ride shuttle buses are dismissed, and meet in the entryway for a staff member to accompany them to the shuttle buses.

2:25 pm

All remaining students are dismissed, and classes walk out to buses with their teachers.

FAQs for Parents

Students can enter the building at 7:25 am, and school begins at 7:45 am. There is no supervision available until 7:25 am as teachers are prepping for classes and attending meetings, and students will need to wait outdoors if they arrive prior to 7:25 am. Make sure that your child(ren) dress appropriately for the weather in the event that they need to wait outdoors for several minutes. If your child is a walker, make sure that they are not leaving the house too early to avoid an extended wait time.

*KidKare is available if you need before school child care, so please contact them if you need child care before 7:25 am at 763-682.8787. 

Here is the 2019-2020 Recess & Lunch Schedule.  Grades 1-5 go to recess first and then lunch. Kindergarteners eat their lunch first, and then head to recess.

If you plan to come and have lunch with your child, please sign in at the office and obtain a visitor sticker, and head to the cafeteria.  If you come for recess as well, make sure you sign in and have a visitor badge first so our recess supervisors know that you have checked in for safety purposes.



Students have a rotating Specialist schedule when they are at PhyEd, Music or Media.  This time is also the classroom teacher's "prep" time, so this is a good time to reach the classroom teacher. It is often more helpful to email the teacher directly, and then they can respond or call when they are best able to, as their prep time is their lesson planning time and time to meet with the grade level team. You can also discuss an in-person meeting time directly with the teacher if needed, and they will notify the front office that you have a scheduled appointment.

Here is the schedule below for the teacher prep times and specials for students for the 2019-2020 school year.



Kid Kare offers school age child care for children age 3 through grade 6, as well as the KinderKids program for children ages 3-5 year of age.

Kid Kare is located inside Door #2 at Parkside Elementary, and the parent check-in is located in room 109.  Please enter through Door #2 before and after school hours.  If you arrive during the school day between 7:45 am- 2:25 pm, you will need to enter through the front entrance (Door #1) and sign in at the office as a visitor for security purposes.

Please contact Lori Trogstad, Kid Kare Coordinator, if you want to register or have questions about the program at 763.682.8787. You can find more information on the Kid Kare site.

Families are encouraged to schedule family vacations during school holidays such as winter or spring break, and to work around testing dates whenever possible. Regular daily attendance is important to school success. 

In the event that this is not possible, the Principal’s office as well as the child’s teacher should be informed in advance of any special vacation that will cause a student's absence from the classroom.  Since teachers plan lessons according to the daily needs of their students, they are not expected to have assignments ready ahead of time. Please contact the teacher about make-up work when your child returns to school.

Per district policy, all vacations must be pre-approved by the Principal in order to be considered an excused absence.  Please submit your request to the Principal by filling out and printing the form below.  Please send the completed form to the school office at least one week prior to the start date of the absence.  In cases of excessive prior absences, the absence may not be approved.

Vacation Prior Approval Request

Sick child

Attendance & School Absences

Front of Parkside

Parent Drop Off/ Pick Ups

Parkside health office

BHM Health Services

orange sections

School Breakfast & Lunch

School Bus

Student Transportation


Parkside is a school that fosters creativity for diverse learners, with deeply dedicated staff working with families to ensure the best education experience possible. Students grow by challenging themselves, learning to interact positively and reaching for academic success.  Parkside was built in 1956 as the original elementary school in Buffalo, MN, with additions being added in 1966 and 1988.  It was previously known as Buffalo Intermediate School, housing students in grades K, 4, 5 and 6. As additional schools were built in Buffalo and schools were re-organized, Parkside became a neighborhood K-5 elementary school. 

"My daughters absolutely love Parkside. When kids look forward to going to school each day, the teachers must be doing something right! I believe the faculty here goes above and beyond to ensure each student feels like they belong and that they matter."  ~Pam, parent