What Makes Parkside Unique

Students of the month with certificates

Nurturing Environment

We embrace the Positive Behavior Interventions and Support framework (PBIS), which provides clear expectations and rewards for positive student behavior. Positive behavior expectations are clearly taught to the students and acknowledged through incentives and rewards.  One of the many ways we accomplish this is with our "Students of the Month".  Parkside Elementary students focus on one positive character trait each month. At the end of the month one student is selected from each classroom for exemplifying the trait, and then recognized at our monthly assembly. 



girls working on a mosaic

Special Learning Opportunities

Our specialist teachers in music, physical education and library media/technology provide exciting pathways to learn and grow. Additionally, each year we have an artist-in-residence who works with students at all grade levels to expand their knowledge in art and foster creativity. In the spring, students showcase a variety of their work during our Arts and Academics Night. 

teacher working with students on a computer

Student-Centered Learning

Small group instruction allows students to work at their own pace and ensures each child's learning needs are met. Teachers use flexible seating and workspace options to individualize learning and enhance engagement. Parkside is home to the district-wide Quest program, serving highly gifted students in grades 2-5. In addition, Title I instruction and Reading Corps tutoring support qualifying students. 

kindergarten students on a tablet

Meaningful Use of Technology

Technology is integrated into classrooms through the use of iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, Smartboards and more. Robotics, Makerspace and coding provide our students with extra enrichment opportunities and more hands-on learning experiences. 

boy sitting in a bike/desk

Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds

Physical movement is built into our daily routine in the form of recess, Brain Breaks, and Morning Movers. Teachers use a variety of activities to teach students about the mind/body connection. Activities include calming strategies, yoga, quick energy bursts and brain training. PhyEd Family Fun Nights allow parents to learn, exercise and play with their children to build greater understanding of healthy movement. 

parent working on an art project with students

Parent Involvement

We value parent support and involvement, recognizing that parental involvement is important in a child's education. Parent help in many ways, from volunteering in the classroom to helping raise funds to organizing family events throughout the year. Our Parent Volunteer Coordinator helps parents connect in meaningful ways. 

Photo of Maker Space sign

Parkside Maker Space

The Parkside Maker Space is a classroom set up with all kinds of different items and supplies. Students can explore, build, create and tinker which then fosters curiosity, creativity and collaboration. Students are able to ponder “What can I create/invent/explore with this?” This unstructured learning time leads to innovation, inventing, and making connections while they are working on projects.

Students doing science experiment


The Quest program services highly gifted students (top two to three percent in class) in Grades 2-9 and is a tuition-free school within a school program located at Parkside Elementary for Grades 2-5. Siblings of students in the elementary program may choose to enroll at Parkside as well. You can find out more information on the Quest program and assessment forms here.

Little Library in front of school

Parkside Little Library

The Little Library sits in front of Parkside, and students and families are welcome to stop, browse and borrow a book to read!

Word of the Month display case

Parkside CARES Themes

Parkside Elementary students focus on one positive character trait each month. Our Monthly Themes for 2019-2020 are: September - Friendship, October - Positivity, November - Courage, December - Kindness, January - Accountability, February - Patience, March - Perserverance, April - Flexibility, and May/June - Teamwork.