BHM Schools will have limited hours and coverage over the summer. If you need to talk with someone or make an in-person visit, please email or call the school/department office to schedule an appointment. Community Ed is open on Tues 8am-4pm and Thurs from 8am-2pm. 

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Middle School Enrollment

Welcome to BCMS!

Our middle school makes decisions based on "Doing What's Best for Kids". Students start their day in "Prime Time" where they learn about themselves, participate in team building activities along with academic work time. Students have six class periods, including core classes and electives where they can learn, grow and succeed.

To register at Buffalo Community Middle School, please contact the registrar Kim Dingmann by email or phone, 763.682.8207, and schedule an appointment. You can fill out forms below prior to your visit and bring them with you. At your registration visit you can expect to:

  • Have an explanation of the BCMS school day and teams
  • Tour the building
  • Complete other paperwork (records request, etc.)
  • Sign-up for the Campus Portal (online student information for parents)
  • Set up a lunch account
  • Receive sports and activities information
  • Purchase locks
  • Sign up for our First Friend Program

We look forward to your child starting as a student here at BCMS. If you would like additional information please feel free to contact the main office or one of the principals.

The Quest program services highly gifted students (top two to three percent) in grades 2-9 and is a tuition-free school within a school. Quest provides challenging and engaging curriculum in math, social studies, science and English. If you think your child might qualify for the program, you are encouraged to request assessment. For more information - 


Open Enroll

Under the Enrollment Options Program, students in Minnesota can enroll in a public school outside the district in which they live. This enrollment option encourages parents to become knowledgeable about the needs and interests of their children.

If you are interested in open enrolling your student in our district, please submit the BHM Open Enrollment form to Technology and Information Services. Contact Jamie Reineccius at 763.682.8737 or by email.

BHM Open Enrollment

Other forms needed to open enroll to BHM include:

BHM  Registration

BHM Health Emergency

Ethnic and Racial Demographics Designation

BHM Records Request