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Remember the "Magic 5" for winter recess!

Here is a handy "visual" chart that you can print and post at home with the weather guidelines we follow:

Are You Dressed for the Weather?


Outdoor Recess: Students should come to school dressed in their outdoor clothing, prepared to be outside for at least 20 minutes each day.  The fresh air during recess helps the students concentrate in the afternoon and it gives them a chance to socialize and play with friends. We go outdoors for recess and classroom stretch breaks unless the wind chill and/or temperature is below -5 degrees during the winter months, or the temperature or heat index is above 100 degrees during warmer months. Students need a note stating a medical reason to not participate in recess.

*Fall and Spring temperatures can be variable. We check the outside temperature at 10:00 a.m. for recess, so as the weather fluctuates during those months remember that students need outdoor coats unless the temp is above 50 degrees at 10:00 a.m.


These are the "Magic 5" items needed to play outside in the snow during their winter outdoor recess or stretch break:

1. Warm Coat
2. Snow pants
3. Boots
4. Mittens or gloves
5. Hat or hood

Students without snow pants and boots will need to remain on the blacktop area during recess to avoid wet or muddy clothing and shoes. There are balls & jump ropes they can use on the blacktop area. We recommend students wear boots for warmth during cold weather even on the blacktop areas. As the snow melts, the playground wood chips retain water so boots are still important in the spring for dry feet.

Please contact the Parkside Principal if your family does not have the means to provide warm outdoor clothing.

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