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Daily Protocol - Partner Schools

Big Lake, Maple Lake, Monticello, and STMA

1.  Parents are asked to perform health checks of their child(ren) prior to sending them to school. If a child has any COVID-19 symptoms, keep him/her home.

2.  wRight Choice students, and staff will be required to wear face coverings (mask, shield, buff/gaiter, religious face covering, etc.) during the school day and on the bus following the guidance within the Governor’s Executive Order 20-81.

3.  Additional cleaning procedures and sanitizing protocols are in place for wRight Choice. 

4.  Students will be expected to wash hands or use hand sanitizer throughout the day. wRight Choice is equipped with a hand sanitizing station.  Students will be allowed to bring their own hand sanitizer.

5.  Social distancing of 6 feet will be practiced at wRight Choice on a daily basis.

6.  Students will be dropped off by partnering school districts, or parent/guardian and arrive from 7:45 a.m.- 8:00 a.m. wC Staff will meet you at the Wright County Government Front Entrance. 

7. The classroom is housed on the lower level of the Wright County Government Center, which is located at 3700 Braddock Avenue NE, Buffalo, MN 55313.

8.  If driving yourself, you will need to park at the far end of the employee parking lot on the northeast side of the Justice Center. Note: This must be pre-approved by your school administrator.

9.  Enter through the front doors of the building and wait on the bench by the front door for wRight Choice Staff to arrive.

10. If you arrive late (past 8:05 a.m.), please ask a bailiff to escort you to the classroom.  If no bailiff is available, ask the front desk to call wRight Choice at 763-684-2395.

11.  At the end of  the school day students will be picked up by the school district or arranged  transportation.

12.  If you are going to be late or absent due to illness, please contact wRight Choice at 763-684-2395, along with your school to report the absence.  wRight Choice is closed if Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose School District is closed due to weather etc.

wRight Choice Reminders:
Bring homework! You will have 3 plus hours of homework time each day.  Bring a book to read in case you finish homework early.  (Teachers are notified that you are attending wC so they will email us any additional work/tests etc.)

FREE grab and go breakfast/lunch will be available each school day at wRight Choice until further notice.  Meals will be prepared and individually packaged by BHM Nutritional Services.  Students are welcome to bring their own lunch each day.

Drinking fountains will not be available.  Students are encouraged to fill at a bottle filling station or sink at the Wright County Government Center.

All students should bring their issued school chromebook, laptop,device (fully charged) to wRight Choice each school day.

Personal electronic devices are not allowed at wRight Choice.  Devices include - but are not limited to cell phones, electronic games, digital audio players, digital cameras, and gaming wristwatches.  All personal devices will be collected upon arrival at wC in a clean zip lock bag and given back at dismissal time.

Please visit our website for additional information at:

Wright Choice Phone #:  (763) 688-4012

wRight Choice Staff:
Lead Teacher: Nate Hanson
ESP: Raquel Groetken



Daily Schedule

7:40 am

Transportation from Wright Tech to Wright County Courthouse
(10 2nd St NW #201, Buffalo, MN 55313)

8:05 am - 9:05 am

Homework (Until other students arrive)

9:05 am - 9:20 am

Breakfast and Overview of Daily Expectations. FREE grab and go breakfast until further notice.

9:30 am - 12 noon

Homework Time/One-on-One Tru-Thought Conference

12 - 12:30 pm

Lunch - FREE grab and go lunch until further notice. Students are welcome to bring their own lunch each day.

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Connected for Life Speakers

1:30 pm - 2 pm

Turn-in wC Packet, Clean up, Transportation

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