January 10, 2020

Quest Accepting Applications

Applications Due January 23, 2020

The BHM Schools Quest program services highly gifted students (top two to three percent in class) in grades 2-9 and is a tuition-free school within a school located at Parkside Elementary (grades 2-5), Buffalo Community Middle School (grades 6-8), and at Buffalo High School (grade 9). Siblings of students in the elementary program may choose to open-enroll at Parkside as well. Students in the Quest program experience enriched and accelerated curriculum. Students can expect to learn at a faster pace than in a regular classroom, and apply what is being learned to the world by technology and connections to the community. Instructors in the Quest program receive specialized training for meeting the needs of highly gifted students.

Find more information about the program on the Quest website at bhmschools.org/quest-program. Requests to assess are due by Thursday, January 23, 2020.