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July 20, 2011

PRIDE Awarded Qwest Grant for New Technology

On Wednesday, July 20, representatives from Qwest (soon to be CenturyLink) presented PRIDE Transition Teacher Shelly Geurts with an oversized check for $7,500 in front of an audience of excited staff and students. PRIDE is only one of fourteen other grant winners statewide who will receive funding for new technology through the Qwest Teachers and Technology Grant.

"Accessing and Utilizing Technology in a Mobile Learning Environment" is the project Geurts will be able to implement at the school. The project puts a new focus on utilizing technology tools so students know how to be technologically literate in society. Students will learn more about the relationship between technology and the resources it provides to use in everyday life applications. The grant will help pay for iPods, iPads, Livescribe Pens, digital cameras and other technology accessories.  

"There are really two focuses to the project," explains Geurts. "One is on the job training. For example, using the new technology, students will be able to view video demonstrations that will show the skills and tasks they need to know for the job they will do at the worksite. If they forget how to do something on the job, they can reference the video demo on the technology device."

Geurts went on to explain that the second focus of the project is in the community. Students will work on a project called, "A Day in the Life of Buffalo." They will plan a whole day, as if they were staying and visiting Buffalo. They will record where to eat, stay, and shop and what to do, while figuring out how much it will all cost. After the project is complete, the recorded video projects will be given to the Wright County Historical Society.

"They have provided a wonderful opportunity for this school-providing technology for the students to use in school and the community," states Geurts. "We are very grateful to Qwest for this grant."

PRIDE Transitions is a special education program designed for 18-21 year old students from the BHM School District who are in need of additional assistance in transitioning from high school to the world of work and/or furthering their independent living skills. Located in the Lakeview Mall, PRIDE's central location offers community involvement for its students along with work experience, enhancement of daily living skills, recreational and leisure opportunities and assistance with planning post-secondary education or training.

The Qwest Teachers and Technology grant program recognizes Minnesota K-12 teachers who are using technology in the classroom in new and innovative ways. This is the fifth year of the program. The Qwest Foundation awarded nearly $100.000 in grants to 14 teachers across the state of Minnesota for the 2011 school year. Teachers were selected through a competitive grant process administered by the Minnesota Business Partnership.

Qwest PRIDE Grant Award

Pictured front: Qwest Area Plant Supervisor Sue Boos, PRIDE Teacher Shelly Geurts, Nicole D., PRIDE Teacher Terri Brummer, Joseph K. and BHM Special Education Director Joy Kieffer. Back: BHM Technology Director Josh Swanson, Qwest Central Office Technician Ken Lanigan, Samantha R., Jonathan R. and Isaac P.