Legislators visit 'incredible programs' | Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools
January 31, 2024

Legislators visit 'incredible programs'

Goal is to replicate Phoenix Learning Center and wRight Choice statewide


State representatives Patricia Mueller of Austin and Marion Rarick of Maple Lake, along with senators Eric Lucero of Saint Michael, and Jason Rarick of Pine City, toured Phoenix Learning Center at Buffalo High School and the wRight Choice program at the Wright County Government Center on Monday, Jan. 29, to see how these two successful programs could be replicated across the state. 

The line of inquiry for the day was, "How can we have Phoenix in every high school in Minnesota?"

In her email newsletter to constituents on Jan. 30, Rep. Marion Rarick called Phoenix and wRight Choice “two local programs that are changing lives for students here in Wright County.”

"Both of these local programs are very successful, and help at-risk youth stay in school and get on a path to success,” Rarick continued. “With my colleagues in the legislature, we are researching what works and how to duplicate the success statewide. These are each incredible programs that could benefit students across the state."

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