BHS organizes mock crash | Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools
May 8, 2023

BHS organizes mock crash

Buffalo High School organized a mock crash event in the school parking lot on Thursday, May 4, to illustrate the consequences of impaired or distracted driving, and the importance of seat belt use, ahead of the weekend's prom festivities.
Junior and senior students watched as some of their peers acted out the aftermath of a two-vehicle collision, including the response of various emergency agencies. The event even involved the evacuation of one of the victims by a North Memorial Health helicopter.
Following that scene, students went indoors to the Performing Arts Center where they watched a short film showing what happened next to the driver at fault in the collision, played by BHS senior Drew Elo, who was arrested at the site of the crash. The video showed Elo arriving at the Wright County jail and the booking process.
After the video, Dr. Mike Dorle, Tracy Hagstrom Durant and Pamela Benson spoke to the students about the importance of making good decisions, and the life-altering potential of poor choices.
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