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BHM Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources Guide

We know this can be a challenging time for our students. How do you talk to your children about COVID-19? How do you cope with anxieties and fears surrounding the virus? How can parents provide emotional support?

A resource guide has been developed for families identifying district supports, mental health resources and availability of school-linked mental health providers. Community resources and supports and contact information are also identified in the resource guide. Families may communicate with school counselors, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and more, using the information found in the guide below. 

BHM Mental Health Resource Guide


School Linked Mental Health

Central Minnesota Mental Health Services (CMMHS) has partnered with BHM Schools to provide outpatient mental health services for students for a number of years. The information found in the link below will assist families in understanding how to continue and/or access mental health supports for their students in this time of school closings and shelter at home in response to COVID-19. CMMHS will continue to provide mental health services thought tele-video options where your student can meet with a therapist in their own home through Zoom, which is a tele-video platform that is HIPPA compliant.

School Linked Mental Health Resources


Virtual Calming Room--Elementary Students and Older

Two BHM Elementary School Social Workers, Madison Hageman and Breanna Landrus, have created a Virtual Calming Room. The website is full of family-friendly ways to put the "calm" back into you lives. Geared more for elementary students on up, the site includes sounds and music, visual relaxation, guided breathing exercises, mindfulness activities, yoga and movement, and coloring, creating and brain games. There really is something for everyone!

Virtual Calming Room


Virtual Calming Room--Secondary Students and Older

Buffalo High School Arts Magnet Teacher and Library Learning Commons Coordinator Amy Sparks has created a Virtual Calming Room for secondary students and older. This site is also full of family-friendly ways to put the "calm" back into your lives. The site includes: guided practice, live cameras, sounds and music, color and create, visual relaxation and smart-device apps. Be sure to check it out. 

Virtual Calming Room

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