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Arts Concentrations


The mission of creative writing is to cultivate students as creators, consumer, and publishers of literature. This program develops creative writing in all writing modes and focuses on the individual student's growth as a writer. Students experience a variety of writing forms - narrative, poetry, playwriting, print and television journalism, and essay. Students master their skills through print publications, the student newspaper, literary magazine and yearbook, and media productions. 



This concentration offers students a unique opportunity to integrate their learning with courses from several departments. Students will begin with a firm foundation in the visual arts; developing drawing skills and an understanding of the principles of design. Courses in animation, web design, graphic design, photography, video, and visual communications will enable students to gain experience in various media formats. Students at all levels will master through projects that will incorporate practical applications.




Beginning to advanced dance curriculum is offered in ballet, modern, jazz, and tap dance. Workshops in cultural dance, musical theater, composition, and improvisation round out a student's course of technique study. Academic aspects of study include anatomy, nutrition, conditioning, dance history, and writing for the professional dancer. 

The Dance Program is a place where students are free to explore, create, and perform the art of dance. Students will develop physically, intellectually, and imaginatively through their studies of dance technique, history, performance, and composition. Through these classes, students will gain a historical context, understanding, and deeper appreciation of dance as a form of art and entertainment.

Music (Instrumental or Vocal)

A variety of musical opportunities are available to students at BHS. Students participate in band, choir, full orchestra, and large and small vocal and instrumental ensembles. A variety of other performance opportunities are offered which include solo and ensemble contests, a variety show, and an annual musical. Voice and instrumental, private and small-group lessons are available. Students are challenged academically in such courses as Advanced Placement Music Theory, The History of Classical Music, and Music in America, and activities such as the Music Listening Team. A state-of-the-art facility and music technology provide an inspirational space and the tools needed to encourage and develop high-quality musicianship. 


The theater program offers students a variety of opportunities to explore the world of drama. Its mission is to provide a comprehensive and intensive study of the theater by focusing on the "process" rather than the "product." Graduates will have the necessary training and skills to continue their studies at any professional training program in the country, while also preparing for success in college, in the arts or in any discipline. Students learn both acting and technical theater skills. 



The fine arts program is designed to meet the needs of students who are preparing for the competitive world of art schools and other art-related fields. Students should demonstrate an intense interest in creating art and openness and enthusiasm for learning about art and artists. This intensive program stresses drawing and a variety of two- and three-dimensional activities. In addition, students gain an understanding of current and historic artworks and ideas through special classes, artists in residence, and museum and gallery visits.

The Art Department at BHS believes the following:

  • Art is the language we use to communicate ideas and emotions.  We need to learn to use this language to read and enjoy other people's artwork and send out own messages.
  • Art is not reserved for the talented few. Everyone has the capability to be creative and produce art.
  • The art we create is a reflection of the world we live in, the people we know and our own values and beliefs.
  • The process of creating artwork can be just as important as the product - sometimes it is more important.

In art classes, students will be given the opportunity to experiment with various art media, learn about artists and philosophies and develop their own creative voice.  Everyone can create art.




The mission of Applied Art is to encourage students to express and explore the arts through design in all aspects of their lives. There are several focus areas - interior design, foods and fashion design as well as metal and wood design.

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