PRIDE Wish List | Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools

PRIDE Wish List

Money Drawer (Qty: 1)

Functional Reading Flash Cards/Fry, Dolch word lists, etc. (not elementary looking please)

Sorting/Matching Activities

Dry Erase Markers Fine Tip & Wide Tip (multiple colors)

Dry Erase Markers Wide Tip (black)

6-Quart Rectangular Sterilite/Rubbermaid Totes (Qty: 20)

12-Quart Rectangular Sterilite/Rubbermaid Totes (Qty: 20)

Board Games

Croquet Set

Bocce Ball Set

WORKING Treadmill

Sensory Items

Table Top Zen Garden with Tools

Laminating Rolls--3M DL1001 (Qty: 4 available thru Wal-Mart or online through other suppliers)

HP Printer Ink Cartridges Color 22;  Black 27, 56, or 58

Matching Conference Room Chairs

3 Bin Hamper

Gift Cards to Local Businesses

Die Cutting Machine & Supplies

Dish Towels and Dish Cloths

Wash Cloths and Hand Towels

6-Quart Sauce Pot

Tomato Knives (Qty: 4)

Unlimited amount of AA Batteries and AG10 Button Batteries

2-Shelf Utility Cart (i.e. Rubbermaid commercial products 2-shelf utility/service cart)

Deodorant (men's and women’s aerosol—so multiple students may use)

ANY Hygiene Products

Adult Hair Accessories for Girls



Bobby Pins/Hair Binders

Clothing for Adults in Various Sizes including XL & XXL

Men’s Tennis Shoes—Sizes 10-13

Any Activities/Supplies To Support Independent Living Activities

Bingo Prizes

Inspirational Posters

Poster Frames

Envelopes Letter-Size  

Magazine Subscriptions

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