BHM Schools Staff Listing

Staff Member's Name Position/Grade Phone
Stephanie Ogland Quest Teacher Grades 3, 4 and 5 763.682.8675
Sally O'Malley Speech/Language Pathologist 763.682.8727
Scott Palmer PPD Coach 763.682.8081
Sally Poesch Physically or Otherwise Health Impaired (POHI) 763.682.8459
Scott Rabehl Music-Instrumental Teacher 763.682.8116
Sara Rehnstrand Fifth Grade Teacher 763.682.8627
Sarah Rodenwald Science Teacher 763.682.8079
Stacy Rutten PPD Coach 763.682.8881
Sarah Samuelson Grades 1-2 Multi-age Teacher 763.682.8463
Sheila Simonson Grade 3 Teacher 763.682.8534
Scot Sorenson Physical Education Teacher 763.682.8133
Susan Spike Food Service Manager 763.682.8233
Stacey Swedal Grades 3-5 Multi-age Teacher 763.682.8449
Scott Thielman, Ed.D. Superintendent 763.682.8707
Sarah Thompson Health and Physical Education Teacher 763.682.8112
Sue Thomson District Elementary Nurse 763.682.8514
Sue Thomson District Elementary Nurse 763.682.8514
Sue Thomson District Nurse - Elementary Schools 763.682.8514
Sue Thomson District Elementary Nurse 763.682.8514
Sue Thomson District Elementary Nurse - HES 763.682.8514
Sue Thomson Licensed School Nurse - Elementary 763.682.8514
Stacy Uecker Educational Support Professional 763.682.8893
Sue Lee Vice Chair 763.682.5257
Sharon Uttke Principal's Secretary 763.682.8400
Sue Van Lith Food Service Manager 763.682.8838
Sandra Villarreal Kindergarten Teacher 763.682.8816
Stephanie Ward Assistant Principal 763.682.8682
Stephanie Ward Assistant Principal 763.682.8104
Sandy Weldele Educational Support Professional 763.682.8292
Sandy Weldele Media /Supervisory (ESP) 763.682.8292
Susan Wulf School Secretary 763.682.8522
Special Education (ESP) Sue Zrust
Tammy Aldrich Special Education ESP 763.682.8500
Taylor Lundeen Math Teacher Grade 8 763.682.8261
Tom Bauman Activities Director 763.682.8108
Troy Beise Head Engineer 763.682.8386
Teresa Borgstrom Special Education Teacher 763.682.8278
Terri Brummer Work Based Learning Coordinator/Special Education Teacher 763.682.8890
Teresa Corfman English Teacher Grade 6 763.682.8239
Teri Lubben Special Education Teacher 763.682.8652
Terrisa Fisher Adult Basic Education/GED Teacher 763.682.8688
Tom Gould Social Studies Teacher Grade 6/North Stars Team 763.682.8251
Tony Graham Technician 763.682.8741
Tracy Hagstrom Durant English Teacher 763.682.8036
Troy Hanson Technology Education Teacher 763.682.8012
Taryn Hermann English Teacher Grade 7/ Voyager Team 763.682.8306
Troy Holland Physical Education Teacher 763.682.8132
Tracy Hulley Social Studies Teacher 763.682.8042
Tammy Jacobs Special Education Teacher 763.682.8547
Tom Janzen Grounds/Maintenance 763.682.8762