BHM Schools Staff Listing

Staff Member's Name Position/Grade Phone
Rebecca Karna Business and Computer Technology Teacher 763.682.8080
Renae Jacobs Instructional/Supervisory Lunchroom ESP 763.682.8600
Rick Hoppe Custodian 763.682.8386
CoCo (Roy) Henry Head Engineer 763.682.8223
Becky Hanson 2nd Grade Teacher 763.682.0850
Raquel Groetken Special Education ESP 763.682.8500
Shelly Geurts Work Based Learning Coordinator/Special Education Teacher 763.682.8891
Ross Fishman Music Teacher - Vocal 763.682.8331
Ruth DeLacey Instructional/Supervisory ESP 763.682.8500
Rollie Dehmer Head Engineer 763.682.8836
Rachel Busch Science Teacher 763.682.8043
Becky Burmeister ECSE Teacher 763.682.8764
Becky Braith Special Education ESP 763.682.8345
Penny Thalacker Guidance Counselor Grade 8 763.682.8219
Peter Sommers English Teacher 763.682.8014
Pamela Ramsey Third Grade Teacher 763.682.8619
Pam Miller Director of Teaching & Learning 763.682.8777
Pam Melenich Developmental Adaptive Physical Education - DES 763.682.8718
Pam Melenich Adaptive Physical Education - HES 763.682.8718
Paula Meister Senior Technician 763.682.8041
Paula Meister Senior Technology Technician 763.682.8041
Patti McMullen Third Grade Teacher 763.682.8617
Patty Maas Food Service Aid 763.682.8351
Paul Lundberg Science Teacher Grade 6 763.682.8338
Paul Lundberg Science Teacher Grade 6/Avalanche Team 763.682.8334
Patty Landsberger Speech/Language Pathologist 763.682.8730
Patty Lammers ECFE Teacher 763.682.8780
Patricia Kollar Food Service Aide 763.682.8639
Penny Hoops Director of Food Service 763.682.8772
Patty Gillespie E.L.D. - English Language Development 763.682.8358
Patty Gillespie ELD Teacher - PES 763.682.8560
Patty Gillespie ELL Teacher - HES 763.682.0853
Patti Gillespie ELL 763.682.8358
Patti Fisher Social Worker 763.682.8848
Patti Fisher Social Worker 763.682.8355
Patti Fisher Social Worker - HES 763.682.0844
Pat Darrow Food Service Assistant 763.682.8431
Phillip Boos Custodian 763.682.8405
Pam Benson-Moberg Grade 2 Teacher 763.682.8532
Paul Miller Supervisory (ESP)
Patti Armstrong Special Education ESP 763.682.8500
Paul Anderson Science Teacher 763.682.8144
Nicole Yost Speech/Language Pathologist 763.682.8575
Nancy Tilus Special Education (ESP)
Nathan Sunderman Adaptive Physical Education Teacher 763.682.8861
Nathan Sunderman Developmental Adaptive Physical Education - DES 763.682.8717
Nathan Sunderman Adaptive Physical Education 763.682.8717
Nate Sunderman Developmental Adaptive Physical Education Teacher - PES 763.682.8717
Ning Ning Sun MSH / ESP
Nancy Smolensky Secretary for the Director of Special Education Services 763.682.8784