BHM Schools Staff Listing

Staff Member's Name Position/Grade Phone
Kim Willmert Food Service Assistant 763.682.8018
Lisa Dohrmann Food Service Assistant 763.682.8018
Patricia Hughes Food Service Assistant 763.682.8018
Sandra Meyer Food Service Assistant 763.682.8018
Katie Lohse Food Service Assistant 763.682.8018
Arlene Nelson Food Service Assistant 763.682.8018
Sara Athom Food Service Aide 763.682.8018
Megan Fletcher Special Education ESP 763.682.8800
Kathy Budde Special Education ESP 763.682.8800
Holly O'Sullivan Special Education ESP 763.682.8800
Renae Pollock Food Service Assistant 763.682.8233
Bethany Olson Food Service Assistant 763.682.8233
Dana Schaust Special Education ESP 763.682.8800
Peggy Vandergon Special Education ESP 763.682.8800
Sheila Bethke Instructional ESP 763.682.8800
Debby Eder Instructional ESP 763.682.8800
Joan Waldron Instructional ESP 763.682.8800
Joy Yonak Instructional ESP 763.682.8800
Julie Harvey ESP 763.682.8100
Anne Pederson Assistant 763.682.8780
Laurie Francello ECFE Teacher 763.682.8780
Dylan Hanson Custodian 763.682.8147
Michelle Lancaster E/BD ESP 763.682.8100
Christie Mastey E/BD ESP 763.682.8100
Ruth Clarke MSH / Special Education ESP 763.682.8100
Alison Kutter Special Education ESP 763.682.8100
Michelle Styve MSH / Special Education ESP 763.682.8100
Margaret Beck Special Education ESP 763.682.8800
Mary Jo Ende Food Service Aide 763.682.0834
Brenda Steen Food Service Aide 763.682.0834
Eric Ogren Custodian 763.682.0866
Patti Curran Assistant/Early Childhood Screening 763.682.0870
Lucinda McCoy Assistant 763.682.8780
Heidi Kelm Assistant 763.682.8780
Char Torgerson Assistant 763.682.8780
Kenny Beise Custodian 763.682.8836
Vicki White MSH / Special Education ESP 763.682.8100
Lindsy Rohlik ESP 763.682.8100
Katie Lovegren Special Education ESP 763.682.8800
Missy Thompson AVID Assistant/Tutor 763.682.8100
Lisa Polzin Special Education Teacher 763.682.8229
Heidi Culshaw-Floer MSH / Special Education ESP 763.682.8100
Richard Thompson Custodian 763.682.8147
LeAnne Miller Special Education ESP 763.682.8100
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Carol Ingersoll Special Education ESP 763.682.8100
Carrie LePage Food Service Assistant 763.682.8233
Mari Graves ECSE ESP 763-682-8715
Cindy Johnson ECSE ESP 763-682-8715
Tori Borell Special Education ESP 763.682.8800