2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Mills
Jill Mills




Week of April 16, 2018




SPECIALISTS for the week:

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Innovation Station

Thursday:  Music

Friday: Gym





Spelling lists will be sent home on Mondays so students can study at home during the week. Spelling teste will be given on Fridays. If your child is absent on Friday, I will give him/her the test the next day they return to school. Corrected spelling tests will be sent home the following Monday.

Theme 13, Week 1: undo, unjust, unload, unpack, unsafe, maybe, start, understand & unicorn

Personal Word(s): inch, estimate &/or centimeter




On Mondays students will bring home spelling to study during the week. Tuesdays and Thursdays students will bring home Math or Reading homework. Watch for it on the RETURN side of your child's folder. PLEASE SIGN YOUR CHILD"S HOMEWORK and send it back to school as soon as you are able. You will notice that the math page is 2 sided. I ask that my students pick ONE side to complete. If your child is able, you can encourage him/her to do both sides! Students will also bring home an Oral Reading homework on Wednesdays! PLEASE SIGN & RETURN just like math homework!




April 13 - Field Trip Forms/Payments DUE!

April 24 - Field Trip to Crayola Experience

April 26 - 2nd Grade Musical 6:30pm

Birthday Info.: We will celebrate student birthdays on his/her special day if it falls on a week day. If it is over the weekend, we will celebrate it the Friday before. If you would like to send in a birthday treat for the class, we have 27 children. Please consider sending store bought items that Do Not contain peanuts or peanut butter! THANKS! We will celebrate all summer birthdays in the month of May.