Teachers & Specialists

At Northwinds Elementary, we have a caring and dedicated staff who believe in building positive relationships with students and encouraging them to be lifelong learners and also to show respect to each other.  Our teachers have a variety of educational training and experiences that they bring to the classroom to enrich learning for all students.  Our staff works together collaboratively to make thoughtful decisions that will support student growth and learning.  We value partnering with parents to help students reach their full potential.  


Kindergarten teachers have an activity or theme for each month. Check out it out and meet our teachers.

1st Grade

NES 1st Grade Activities and Highlights of the Year:

2nd Grade

Northwinds Elementary second grade teachers are excited about the school year.

picture of 3rd grade teachers

3rd Grade

Third grade is an exciting year with many changes! The children learn how to write in cursive, begin to multiply and divide, learn about our community compared to others around the world, discover our Solar System, and much much more!

4th Grade Teachers

4th Grade

Welcome to fourth grade! We are so glad you are here. Fourth graders at Northwinds get to do so many exciting projects and get to further their learning in many subject areas. Fourth graders will take a trip around the United States in our social studies curriculum, learn long division in math, write a state report, learn about using the internet to extend their learning, and become lifelong learners and readers.

5th Grade

Fifth graders are leaders at our school.

Problem solving, Math, technology, Science

Innovation Station

Innovation Station is the newest special at NES this year! Grades K-5 will work on skills that will become important in our 21st century world. Students will learn more about the 4 Cs- Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration in Innovation Station. They will have opportunities to work on projects that involve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) art, digital literacy, coding, robotics, and of course, innovation!


Media Center

Northwinds Elementary Media Center (MC) practices an open check-out policy. Students may come to the MC any day before school to check out books. Additionally, students may come during the school day with the permission of their classroom teacher as well as their regular MC class time.


The music room is full of learning.

Physical Education

Physical Education Update

hands around the world

World Cultures

In World Cultures we'll "travel" from one continent to another learning about different cultures throughout the world.  As we explore, we'll learn about people's 'way of life'.  We'll compare and contrast the lives of others to our own, helping us to broaden our understanding of world cultures.  Throughout our study we'll incorporate exposure to geography, music, sports, writing, art, and much more.  Buckle up!  It's going to be an exciting adventure!