Music-Instrumental Teacher

Scott Rabehl
Scott Rabehl

I am so pleased to be one of the band directors at Buffalo High School.  I came here in the 2003-4 school year and have been growing and evolving as a music teacher ever since.  Collaborating with the committed and talented students and colleagues of the BHM schools has been a professional blessing to me and I look forward to interacting with all of my students and parents this year.

I am the director of the Concert Band (11-12 auditioned group) and the Freshmen Bands as well as the support teacher for the Varsity Band (10-12 non-auditioned group).  In addition, I teach music theory, history and appreciation lessons to members of both the Varsity Band and Varsity Choir.  During my prep period I work with my colleagues, Michael Walsh and Michael Knutson, to teach both Advanced Placement Music Theory and Classical Music Listening.

Outside the school day I direct Jazz III (9-12 non-auditioned group) and Jazz I (11-12 auditioned group).  In the late spring and early summer I am the director of "The HERD", our marching band.