Student Accident Insurance and Family Health Insurance 2018.2019

Health and Accident Coverage
Tuesday Jul 17, 18

With health insurance costs on the rise, more and more people have limited or no coverage for their families.  If an accident happens at school, a family's health care coverage normally covers the cost, but what do you do if you have limited or no coverage?

Minnesota Health Care Programs
Minnesota offers several health care programs to people who qualify. To see if you qualify for Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare or other programs, see the corresponding document below.

Student Accident Insurance
At a low cost, parents of children in pre-school (ages three and up) through grade 12, can purchase accident insurance coverage for those incidents that happen during the school day that cannot be helped (this does not include illnesses). There are three levels of coverage with options varying from school-time accident coverage, 24-hour accident coverage, football and 24-hour dental.

Additional information and to sign-up for the insurance coverage can be found on the K-12 Student Insurance website. Below you will also find documents explaining benefits of coverage and special coverage you can get for certain sports/football.

Tuesday Jul 17, 18

Student Accident Insurance Schedule of Benefits - Gold, Silver and Bronze 2018-2019 (PDF - 245.18 KB)

Student accident insurance coverage is available at three different price levels--Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Tuesday Jul 17, 18

Student Accident Insurance: Voluntary Schooltime, Sports and Football Coverage 2018.2019 How to Enroll (PDF - 594.93 KB)

Voluntary student accident insurance is available for coverage during the school day as well as coverage for participation in senior high interscholastic sports excluding football.  Additional coverage is available for senior high football due to the higher rate of accidents that could occur.


Tuesday Jul 17, 18

Minnesota Health Care Programs 2018.2019 (PDF - 355.03 KB)

Find out if you and your family qualify for a variety of Minnesota Health Care Programs.

Tuesday Jul 17, 18

Student Accident Insurance 2018.2019 Claim Form (PDF - 636.34 KB)

If you have student accident coverage you can use this form to file a claim. Please read the Schedule of Benefits and Claim Form accompanying information.