New District Logo

BHM District Logo
Friday Oct 2, 09

Over the past year, the district has been working to develop a logo with a classic design that could represent its three main communities-Buffalo, Hanover and Montrose-and its mission. The logo, seen here, is the result of that work.

Local graphic artist Shelley Paulson, with Summerset Studio, worked with the district to develop a concept. The three segmented shapes represent the three communities and the white spaces that are drawn between represent the "paths" between the communities that bring them together to form one district-BHM Schools. The tag line "Making a Difference" is the start of the district's mission, "Making a difference by preparing all students for a successful future in a changing world."

The new logo will begin to appear around the district as the old, so-called "squiggle" logo is phased out. There are a variety of ways the logo will be used, such as the full logo shown below or the stand-alone BHM box as seen in the banner above.