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Transportation Information

District Transportation is provided by Vision Transportation. You may log on to the parent portal for routing information or contact Vision of Buffalo directly. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Vision of Buffalo. With the start of school, many families have questions and/or concerns. We appreciate your patience for any wait time you may experience as Vision works with each family.

Vision of Buffalo
1111 Bison Blvd., Buffalo, MN 55313

Phone: 763.682.3232 | Fax:  763.682.3332

Branch Manager: Kimi Paumen | Email:

Routing Manager: Jim O'Neill | Email:

Unsure which school your child will be attending? Call the Technology and Information Services office at 763.682.8737 and you will be given assistance. Parents and new residents will find this tool helpful in figuring out what school your child(ren) will attend based on your street address.

If you have any questions or concerns contact Gary Kawlewski, Director of Finance and Operations at (preferred) or 763.682.8708.

2019-2020 Transportation Opt Out Form for BHS/ Phoenix Students CLICK HERE 

2019-2020 Transportation Opt Out Frequently Asked Questions CLICK HERE

Tuesday Jun 12, 18

Alternate Destination/Address Change

Minnesota Law states the school district must have a written agreement with parents of a student to allow the district to pick up or deliver a child to a destination other than the parents' legal residence. Please return the completed form to Vision of Buffalo at 1111 Bison Blvd, Buffalo, MN 55313.  Please call 763.682.3232 if you have any questions. Continue to the form and more information.