What Makes BHS Arts Magnet Unique

teacher working with students on an English project

Hands-On Learning

Students use projects to develop a new art skill or to hone a skill. The finished product, along with a reflection from the student, allows students to learn to use their art to communicate their important ideas to the world.

chemistry experiment

Making Connections

The curriculum centers around an inquiry-based learning model that teaches students to make connections between their content area classes and their art skills.

teacher working with a student in science

Arts Infused Core Classes

The Arts Magnet teachers use artistic ways of knowing and learning to enrich their curriculum (English, social studies, science) through individual and collaborative projects, artists in the classroom, and field trips. The "Studio Habits of Mind" (Developing Craft, Engage and Persist, Envision, Express, Observe, Reflect, Stretch and Explore, and Understanding the Art World) are used by students to gain a deeper understanding of their subject matter. The course curriculum is "Arts Infused" so we call it "AI".

students learning about lights

Real World Learning Experiences

Our creative, inquiry-based learning environment includes partnerships and resources from the surrounding community. Students interact with professional, working artists and arts organizations to enrich and enlarge learning experiences.


musical cast of Pippin

Award-Winning Opportunities

Our music and theatre departments consistently win local and national awards and student visual and literary work is regularly published in award-winning state and national journals.

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