Scholarships & Information

Local and area scholarships available

It's never too early to explore scholarship opportunities. Details will be posted as new information becomes available.

Horatio Alger Association's Scholarship, National Scholarship, State Scholarship and Career and Technical Scholarship: Due October 25, 2020
Link to website with all details HERE

Local 877 Scholarship Application   

Area Scholarships

Buffalo Hospital: 

Hanover Athletic Association: 

Durand Onell Memorial Scholarship:

Corcoran Lions Scholarship: 

Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship: 

Hanover Lions Club Scholarship: 

Wright Hennepin Co-op Scholarship: 

Edward R. Slebiska Memorial Line Worker Scholarship:

Friends of the Buffalo Airport: 

EAA 878 Aviation Scholarship: 

Buffalo Agriculture Scholarship:

Ascent Scholarship: 

State/Nationwide Scholarships- These scholarships will vary and may have specifics so please read each one for more information.


OTHER WEBSITES TO CHECK OUT Scholarships and financial aid and FAFSA information Free scholarship and financial aid platform  Scholarship and financial aid information  This site helps students find merit-based scholarship opportunities before they apply  The best website for college, career and life planning                 


25th Annual Pork Chop Feed

TBD - waiting until information is released for the 2020-21 school year

MNCIS (Minnesota Career Information System) - Financial Aid Sort uses your criteria to help you find awards that you may qualify for. It is an exploratory tool that can be used more than once. Students can locate the sort by logging into their account and clicking on the "Education" tab to locate "Financial Aid Sort." All BHS students have access to this site.  For log in information see your counselor.

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