BHM Schools Staff Listing

Staff Member's Name Position/Gradesort icon Phone
Jill Loomis ECSE Teacher 763.682.8731
Kristin Vogeler ECSE Teacher 763.682.8729
Linda Carlson ECSE Teacher 763.682.8726
Heather Meysembourg ECSE Teacher 763.682.8576
Laura Sandhoefner Educational Support Professional 763.682.8292
Sandy Weldele Educational Support Professional 763.682.8292
Christine Hafften Educational Support Professional 763.682.8292
Andrea Salonek Educational Support Professional 763.682.8893
Stacy Uecker Educational Support Professional 763.682.8893
Carla Orson Educational Support Professional 763.682.8893
Kelly Bimson Educational Support Professional 763.682.8893
Jamie Keleher Educational Support Professional 763.682.8893
Patty Gillespie ELD Teacher - PES 763.682.8560
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Patti Gillespie ELL 763.682.8358
Lisa Jensen ELL 763.682.8164
Patty Gillespie ELL Teacher - HES 763.682.0853
Kimberly Sonju-Zrust English 6-2 Teacher 763.682.8295
Keegan Murphy English 8/English 7-2 Teacher 763.682.8279
Lisa Jensen English Language Development Teacher 763.682.8651
Lisa Jensen English Language Development Teacher 763.682.8256
Katherine Opsahl English Teacher 763.682.8069
Tracy Hagstrom Durant English Teacher 763.682.8036
Laura Hauer English Teacher 763.682.8089
Vicki Cary English Teacher 763.682.8092
Joe Pokorney English Teacher 763.682.8044
Heather Eld English Teacher 763.682.8002
Ryan McCallum English Teacher 763.682.8162 (from 10:30-3:00) Emails will receive a faster response.
Brenton Parsons English Teacher 763.682.8085
Heather Tierney English Teacher 763.682.8037
Amy Sparks English Teacher 763.682.8163
Anna Reedy English Teacher 763.682.8161
Megan Usset English Teacher 763.682.8064
Peter Sommers English Teacher 763.682.8014
Shana Bregenzer-Brenny English Teacher 763.682.8684
Andrea Koltes English Teacher Grade 6 763.682.8263
Jason Tornell English Teacher Grade 7/ Pioneer Team/Enriched English 8 763.682.8311
Teresa Corfman English Teacher Grade 6 763.682.8239
Lindsey Wester English Teacher Grade 6/Avalanche Team 763.682.8239
Cherie Sanderson English Teacher Grade 6/Blizzard Team 763.682.8335
Shelly Hoard English Teacher Grade 6/North Stars Team 763.682.8253
Jason Tornell English Teacher Grade 7 763.682.8311
Brandon Aldrich English Teacher Grade 7 763.682.8262
Taryn Hermann English Teacher Grade 7/ Voyager Team 763.682.8306
Alisa Ireland English Teacher Grade 7/Tatanka Team 763.682.8269
Ryan McCallum English Teacher Grade 8 763.682.8162
Ryan McCallum English Teacher Grade 8 763.682.8162
Ryan McCallum English Teacher Grade 8 763.682.8162
Natasha Leach English Teacher Grade 8/Enriched 8 763.682.8314
Andrea Koltes English Teacher Grade 8/Quest English 6 763.682.8263