Tatanka STEM Information

Tatanka Elementary STEM School (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is a magnet school. Magnet schools are public schools with a specialized curriculum. Students attending Tatanka Elementary STEM School receive an education with classroom lessons that integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics concepts. Through these lesson experiences, students work to build their 21st-century skills of Critical thinking and problem solving, Creativity and innovation, Collaboration, and Communication.

Tatanka Elementary STEM School focuses on engineering. Our school utilizes engineering curriculum and concepts to learn and enhance the 21st Century Skills of Critical thinking and problem solving, Creativity and innovation, Collaboration, and Communication. Through hands-on engineering lessons, students are able to ask a question or think about a problem to solve, imagine a solution to their question or problem, make a plan to make their idea come to life, create their solution using their plan, and improve upon their creation if necessary!

Wednesday Dec 7, 16

Tatanka's 4 C's

Watch this promotional video to learn about our 4 C's from some of our Tatanka STEM Students
Wednesday Dec 7, 16

Tatanka STEM School 4 C's Rubrics

Students use this rubric to build upon the 4 C's skills they are learning
Wednesday Dec 7, 16

Engineering Curriculum and Value Added Projects

Here you will find information on how we implement our engineering curriculum
Wednesday Dec 7, 16

The Tatanka Toolbox (JPG - 2.02 MB)

Tatanka students use our own special inquiry model called The Tatanka Toolbox. This helps our students to guide their thinking while incorporating all of the values and content we practice on a daily basis.

Inquiry Implementation at Tatanka Elementary STEM School

Our students use inquiry in many ways. They inquire independently, with teacher support, and in structured and open formats. This document will explain how our students practice their inquiry habits at Tatanka Elementary STEM School.

Grade Level Mission Statements

Tatanka's Elementary Engineers are guided by our school and grade level missions. See each grade level's mission statement here to learn about what we focus on at Tatanka Elementary STEM School.