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In partnerships with the students, families, and community resources, PRIDE Transitions strives to empower individuals to recognize their value and potential while instilling the desire to be life-long contributing members of their communities.

Philosophy Statement

Every person can enjoy success through meaningful endeavors.

Student Profile

The PRIDE Transitions Program is a Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose School District 877 secondary special education program for students who:

  • Are 18-21 years of age,
  • Have a disability,
  • Have transition needs identified on their Individual Education Plan (IEP), and
  • Have not received a diploma

Students in the PRIDE Transitions Program have varying needs and require time beyond high school to meet their IEP goals for successful transition into adult life. The program is designed to meet the individual needs of students who are transitioning from the high school environment to the community or secondary education.

Daily Schedule

Each student's schedule is dependent upon the needs identified in his or her IEP and graduation plan. The primary program operates Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am - 2:15 pm. Classes at Wright Technical Center are also available to PRIDE students.

Students who hold a paid or non-paid job, or who participate in Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) may count the hours served toward their school schedule. All paid or non-paid job sites must meet the work-based learning guidelines and be approved by PRIDE Transitions staff.


PRIDE Transitions serves students of varying levels of intellectual, academic, social/emotional and/or functioning needs. Students are encouraged to move out of their comfort zones and access their community as much as possible. A crucial element of the program involves students learning from "real life" experiences such as shopping at the grocery store, utilizing public transportation (River Rider), exercising at a local fitness center, or opening a checking account at a bank, in hopes of gaining knowledge, skills, and confidence in order to function and live as independently as possible once they graduate.

Core areas of instruction include:

  • Jobs and Job Training
  • Community Participation
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Home Living
  • Recreation and Leisure

Work-Based Learning

Each student has the opportunity and is encouraged to participate in work-based learning, where students maintain employment during the school day. Regular meetings are held with the student at the school, on the job site, or in the community to discuss employment issues. The work-based learning coordinator is required to maintain verification of the student's employment schedule, work evaluations, training agreement and plan, and maintain regular contact with the student's employer.

Case Management

Each student is assigned a case manager. The case manager is the student's primary contact related to the IEP and graduation plan. The case manager develops a class schedule and meets regularly with the student to ensure progress is being made.


Students enrolled in PRIDE Transitions graduate based on IEP goals and graduation plan attainment. For new students, an IEP team meeting will be held to develop the graduation plan. When the IEP team determines the student has met the expectations regarding goal and graduation progress, the student will provide data that support exiting the program to receive a diploma.


Background Investigation Form
Any volunteer, employee, substitute, coach, or student teacher at Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools must have a Criminal Background Investigation check completed and approved BEFORE their first day of employment/volunteering in the district. To complete the Criminial Background Investigation, please open, complete page 1 and print the Background Authorization Form, then submit your form to the school's office.

Once your form is submitted you will receive an e-mail to log on and complete your background check.  A credit card will be needed for payment. If you have a computer and credit card you DO NOT need to complete page 2.
If you DO NOT have access to a computer or credit card, please complete page 2 and submit it to the school office along with cash or check.

At this time we are not able to accept copies of background checks from other districts or employers.

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PRIDE Student Handbook (PDF - 657.13 KB)

Each student at PRIDE receives a Student Handbook during the first week of school. This book has information such as: General Student Information, Academic Information, Attendance Procedures, and Expected Behaviors and Requirements. 

PRIDE Supply List

PRIDE Supply List

There are a few basic supplies that a PRIDE Transitions student will need. Click to see the list...

Wish List

PRIDE Wish List

PRIDE Transitions is a special education program designed for 18-21 year old students from the BHM School District who are in need of additional assistance in transitioning from high school to the world of work and/or furthering their independent living skills.

To help develop those important life skills, PRIDE is seeking donations of a variety of items. Some items are needed for helping to create a mock store for students for instructional purposes.