Attendance Information

Attendance Policy

Phoenix Learning Center has a 90 percent attendance policy.  This equates to two absences in a six-week term (recorded separately for each class). The staff of Phoenix Learning Center believes that regular school attendance is a significant and valuable component of a student's education. Regular attendance is directly correlated to successful academic achievement.  Moreover, consistent school attendance is one means by which a student develops responsibility and self-discipline. It is expected that students attend school everyday unless the absence is 'out of your control' Comparing school to work, less than 90 percent attendance will cause a person to lose their job and at Phoenix, it causes a student to fail and lose credit for classes. All reasons for being absent are lumped together (e.g. oversleeping, flat tire, car out of gas, sick, funeral, doctor, no transportation). There are no excused or unexcused absences.  There are absences that are 'in your control' and absences that are 'out of your control'.  Students learn to plan ahead, make appointments after school, tough out a sore throat, fill the gas tank the night before, leave earlier when the weather is questionable, etc.  A student will not fail the class(es) if s/he has more than 2 absences if ALL the absences are 'out of your control'.   It is requested that a note from a parent/guardian is brought to Mona upon return to school. This Policy is thoroughly explained to students in Orientation class during their 1st term in the program. When absences from school become habitual, a meeting will be scheduled with parents. After 3 days of 'in your control' absences a letter is sent home and to Wright County.  After 7 days of 'in your control' absences a Truancy petition is filed with Wright County for students under 18 years of age.

We believe that being on time is a very important life skill. Students are expected to be in class prepared when the class begins.  Phoenix does not have bells, reminders will be given that it is time for class, personal invites will not.   Set your clocks accurately.  3 tardies in a class = 1 absence.    All tardies are 'in your control'.  Absences and Tardies are counted together to meet or exceed the Attendance Policy above.  For example: 2 'out of your control' absences and 3 tardies = failing that class.

Out of building passes
In order to leave the school during the school day; students must check in with Mona.  Students must provide verification that their parent/guardian is aware that he/she is leaving.  The student is expected to return to school as soon as possible.  If the student has left for the reason 'opting out', they leave for the remainder of the school day.  Please make every effort to schedule personal appointments outside of the school day.

Reporting Procedure
Before or on the morning of a student's absence, the student is expected to call Mona at 763.682.8680.  Messages can be left at this number 24 hours a day.

Make-up Work
Students who are absent for any reason will be expected to complete the assignments.  It is recommended that students stay after the day they return to get caught up with the work they missed.