Special Education Teacher

Tammy Jacobs
Tammy Jacobs

Hi! My name is Tammy Jacobs and I have been part of the Buffalo School District all of my life, as a resident, student, parent, and since 1994, teacher. I am proud to be part of an outstanding special education program as a teacher of students with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) and Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (EBD).

Teaching students is just one of the many aspects of my job with the district. Advising the Parkside School Patrol is a pleasure for me as a former member and Legionville Camp attendee. Offering professional growth opportunities to colleagues is another responsibility I have. Most of the classes I offer to fellow staff members are related to Nonviolent Crisis Intervention. I have been certified as a trainer by the Crisis Prevention Institute since December 8, 1995. I completed a 3-day course in Applied Physical Training in September of 2003, and reached the master trainer level after completing the 3-day course in Autism Spectrum Disorders in June of 2007.

You may contact me by email at tjacobs@bhmschools.org

My phone number is 763.682.8547.

The SLD program at Parkside is offered to students who meet eligibility requirements for a Specific Learning Disability. Initially, most students are serviced in a small-group pull-out program in the resource room as a supplement to their mainstream curriculum. Emphasis is placed on phonics, Fry Sight Words and fluency. The Read Naturally Program is used to increase reading fluency.

The EBD program at Parkside is offered to students who meet eligibility requirements for an Emotional and/or Behavioral Disorder. Most students are serviced in their mainstream classrooms, unless they have special education academic needs as well. Well-trained paraprofessionals are part of the EBD program at Parkside. Our focus is proactive, rather than reactive, and we do all we can to set the students up for success. Classroom teachers and specialists are extremely supportive of the children, which makes inclusion very successful. Information is gathered daily through the use of point sheets which are tailored to each individual's needs.