Parkside Field Trips & Events

School bus

Field trip dates will be added here as they are scheduled. Remember that you can order bag lunches here at Parkside for your child's field trip, if needed.  The cost of a bag lunch is the same as the usual lunch prices:  $2.70 for students, $3.70 for adults, or free/reduced prices.  Students can have their order charged to their meal accounts.  If you would like to reserve a bag lunch, please call the Parkside cafeteria at 763.682.8511.


2017-2018 Field Trip dates


Grade 1:

Grade 2:

Grade 3:

Grade 4:

Grade 5:



School-wide events

December 21: All School Bingo for students
April 28: Arts & Academic Night
May 17: Talent Show
May 24: Vehicle Fair
June 1: Grade 5 Track & Field day at BCMS
June 5: Grade K-4 Field Day


Check here for PhyEd Family Fun Night dates with Mrs. Wills, our Phy Ed Specialist!