Parkside CARES!

PES Cares hallway sign

As a PBIS school, Parkside rewards positive behaviors to build the social skills of students and create a positive culture. Along with teaching positive behavior expectations in the classrooms, hallways, lunchroom and playground areas, and reinforcing those expectations with the signs you will see in the hallways and classrooms ar Parkside, we have a some fun ways to encourage positive behavior!

Parkside Elementary students focus on one positive character trait each month. At the end of the month one student is selected from each classroom for exemplifying the trait, and then  recognized at an assembly.


Here are our monthly themes for this year:

September - Kindness
October - Teamwork
November - Dedication
December - Generosity
January - Respect
February - Honesty
March - Perserverance
April - Effort
May/June - Flexibility

Each week students who earned "Eagle Feathers" by displaying behavior that reflects our motto have their names entered into a drawing for a prize.  These names are announced on the PA system and students come to the office for a prize, group photo, and a chance to place their Eagle Feather on the BINGO wall.  (An additional prize can be earned once a BINGO is reached).

Classrooms compete by grade level, and the classroom with the highest number of "classroom earned" Eagle Feathers each week get to have a Baby Eaglette mascot in their classroom as a trophy for the week. Grade levels can also earn the "Golden Spoon" award for great behavior while at lunch, classrooms can earn the "Golden Dustpan" for the classroom that takes care of our school by keeping their room spic and span, and Grade levels can earn the "Golden Whistle" by doing a great job following the recess expectations!

The student body also is encouraged to earn Eagle Feathers, with a "goal" in mind once a certain level is reached.  Example: When students reached the total Eagle Feathers needed, the staff had "scooter races" during an assembly with the students cheering their team on.

We often post photos of these events on our Facebook page - so be sure to "like" the Parkside Elementary page if you would like to view the photos of school events during the year.