Parent Involvement

Parents at school

Parent Visits
Parental involvement is important in a child's education. Parents are welcome to visit school. If you wish to visit a classroom during the school day, however, please arrange the time and date in advance with your child's teacher so classroom schedules can be taken into account.  Teachers will notify the office to expect your visit.  All visitors entering the building during regular school hours must enter through the office, sign in on our visitor log and obtain a visitor's badge.

Many children and adults suffer from allergies and asthma triggered by exposure to animals. If you would like to bring a pet to school for show and tell, please check with the principal to make appropriate arrangements. Animals should be shown to classes outdoors to aid in maintaining good air quality in the school building.

At Parkside, parents can always help us in our fundraising efforts by collecting General Mills Box Tops for Education and Kwik Trip's Milk Moola milk bag tops and donut ovals. All of these items may be brought to school and placed in the labeled containers inside our front entry area.  The money received through these fundraising programs help us fund things we would not otherwise be able to afford, such as student rewards, artist residency programs and the all-school party supplies. Parkside usually holds a "Box Tops" contest once or twice a year. 

More information is available on these programs through the links below.

Box Tops for Education
Kwik Trip Milk Moola

Parkside "Parents as Partners"

We are committed to working with the families of our students as partners so that each of these children that we share can have the best educational experience possible.  We welcome you to become involved in your child's education.  During the year, we try to offer a number of activities for our Parkside families.  These events are possible with the support of parents and other volunteers who help plan, organize, and carry out the activities along with members of our staff. We are always looking for new ideas, and welcome all family members to share their interests and talents with our students.

We are thankful for the many people willing to help out in our school.  A number of you have already signed up to help this year, and we welcome any other parents, guardians or family/community members who are interested.  To simplify the process, our Parent Volunteer Coordinator will be compiling an email list of interested volunteers.  Anytime there is a need for volunteers, a blanket email will be sent out to this group, and if it works for you, great!  Emailing back is quick and easy for all involved.  You can have your name added to the list by letting the school office know or by filling out the Volunteer Questionnaire form and dropping it off in the school office.

Background Checks for Volunteers:
  • All volunteers or chaperones in the district supervising students or being responsible for them during school hours will be required to have a criminal background check.  Check on our volunteer page for more information.