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Our Lost & Found is overflowing again! We have 2 laundry baskets filled with hats and gloves, and we also have a large garbage bag set aside that is filled with winter coats and sweatshirts left behind. These items will be donated to charitable organizations if not claimed in the next couple of weeks to make room for additional found items. Please have your child check if they are missing winter clothing items.  Parents are always welcome to stop in the office to sign in as a visitor and look as well. The lost and found is located on the north side of the building, near the cafeteria and 1st grade classrooms. Check with the school office if you need to look through the bag of winter coats that were left behind before winter break. 


Our next Physical Education Family Fun Night is January 26th! Join Mrs. Wills  at 6:15-7:15 p.m. in the Parkside Elementary School gym. This family fun event is FREE!  Check here for all the Family Fun Night 2016-17 dates.


Spring Conferences - February 21, 23 & 28:  If you have not signed up for spring conferences with your child's teacher yet, here is the link to sign up:

  • You will need to sign each of your children up individually for a 15 minutes conference with their teacher.
  • Special Education families should sign up with both the classroom teacher and the case manager in the same time block.
  • Parents/guardians living in separate households: In order to accommodate parents of all students, please coordinate one conference time together as time slots are limited to one per student.