Physical Education


Physical education is no longer a "gym class" where teachers roll out a ball, put up their feet, and read a newspaper.  Physical education will provide your child with motor skills that are critical for lifelong activity participation, with information about human anatomy, physiology, and how to take car of their bodies.  Your child will learn about respecting and valuing differences in abilities and backgrounds.  Overall, your child will experience many innovative activities aimed at improving his or her personal wellness and enthusiasm for achieving lifelong fitness. 

One of the major goals of Northwinds Elementary and Buffalo Hanover Montrose Schools is to promote lifelong learning.   Part of this goal is promoting lifelong personal wellness.  Physical education will teach your child why it is important to take care of his or her body.  Students will learn how eating healthy food, drinking water, and sleeping will benefit them.  The core of elementary physical education is to provide your child with a solid foundation of motor skills.  It is my goal that when students move on to middle school, they are confident in their physical abilities and can be free to explore a variety of sports and activities to continue the process of being lifelong learners.  Students will learn about other cultures and languages.  Students will learn that part of being a responsible global citizen is being able to connect with people from different backgrounds.  Sports and physical activities provide a unique opportunity to connect to the wide variety of cultures that make up our world.  

Many parents remember the stress and anxiety centered on choosing teams.  Thankfully, the days of embarrassing selection of teams and intimidating elimination games have come to an end.  Students are placed in balanced squads that they will use for team activities.  Emphasis is put on improving skills and improving at your own rate rather than simply winning or losing.  Activities will be designed to challenge the high-flying athletes and to provide opportunities to develop motor skills for those who are still struggling.  The environment will be one of safety, support, and sportsmanship.  All students will try to exceed their own expectations and will strive to be their personal best.


Physical Education Teacher

Natalie J. Johnson
Nate Sunderman, Adaptive Physical Education Teacher

Adaptive Physical Education Teacher

Nathan Sunderman