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Special Services


A variety of special services are available to meet the individual needs of children. Eligibility must be established by a school Child Study team before a child can receive services. If you believe that your child has a disability which affects his or her learning, you should contact your child's teacher and/or the building principal. As a parent, you have the right to make a referral for special education testing. Special education services are also available for those children who qualify under state requirements. Services include: Special Education, Speech, Hearing, Adaptive Physical Education, Homebound and Section 504 accommodations.

All Minnesota school districts are required by law to identify and assess the educational needs of children with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities. We need to collect select information on identified children for the purpose of determining present and future educational programming needs and for statistical reporting.

The Minnesota Data Privacy Act and Federal Regulation 121a.14 afford parents certain rights related to the collection and storage of personally identifiable information on children with disabilities.

Following is a summary of the afforded rights:

1. To be informed of the data to be collected, the purpose for collection, and whether the data will be classified as public, private, or confidential.

2. To be informed of the school district procedures for disclosure of private and confidential data, including information on what persons have access to the data, and that only upon permission of the parent will others have access to the data.

3. To inspect any such information which is subject to collection, to receive explanation and interpretation of same, and to require the accuracy of such information.

School districts are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information collected for this purpose, and of the destruction of same when the information is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected.

Psychological Services
The school system has available, on a limited basis, the services of a psychologist. When a need is indicated for a diagnostic evaluation by the psychologist, a team staffing is scheduled.

Speech and/or Language Services
Comprehensive speech therapy services, including screening, diagnostic evaluations and therapy, are available to those children who are experiencing difficulty with speech and/or language. Eligibility and frequency of service is based upon the student's needs as evaluated by the staffing team. 

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