Carmen Tubbs

Welcome to Northwinds Elementary School located in Buffalo, Minnesota, nestled between beautiful Buffalo and Pulaski Lakes. As principal of Northwinds Elementary, I am pleased to welcome you to our school. We are proud of our excellent staff, students, and families, and the outstanding work they do.

Northwinds Elementary is a community of about 515 learners representing a wide array of ages and abilities. We offer a traditional kindergarten through fifth grade program. Teachers at all of our grade levels are highly-qualified and work hard to offer our students personal and individualized instruction.

Our mission at Northwinds Elementary School is to provide a safe, child-centered learning environment which promotes learning for all students in an atmosphere based on respect. Our motto, "Where everyone is welcome and everyone belongs," is based on the belief that positive and caring relationships are essential to student success. Here at Northwinds we value ALL students as well as their families. Supporting evidence of our love for working with children can be seen throughout the school and in each and every classroom. Northwinds teachers go the extra mile to make the learning experience fulfilling for all children.

Northwinds Elementary is one of five elementary schools in the Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Public School District. Northwinds and the Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Public Schools have a proud tradition of providing children with rigorous learning experiences, a respectful environment, and a variety of opportunities.

If you would like more information about Northwinds Elementary, please feel free to contact me, Carmen Tubbs, at (763) 682-8888 or email at