Health Updates

Monday Oct 11, 10

PACK Week celebrated:

May 2-6, the district's elementary schools celebrated Pack Assorted Colors for Kids (PACK) week. PACK week is a healthy eating initiative encouraging children to include more color in their diet through fruits and vegetables. Many of the students participated every day by bringing a healthy fruit or veggie for their snack. It was fun to see the creative snack ideas as well as students being willing to try a new food. Thanks to all the families and staff that participated! Look for PACK week to return next school year.


Alas, we are beginning to see hints of spring and summer. The trees are greening and flowers are blooming. With the warmer weather, we are all anxious to get into our spring clothing and sandals. We are seeing many students in the health office with injuries related to wearing flip-flops, sandals and heeled shoes . Please encourage your children to wear appropriate footwear during the school day to avoid injuries during physical education and recess. Sneakers are still the best!

Immunization info:

If your child receives any immunizations throughout the summer, you may send that information to the district nurse by US mail, phone or email. Please include your child's name, school they attend, the date and name of all immunizations they received.

Contact information is:

Sue Thomson

Parkside Elem. School

207 3rd St. NE,

Buffalo, MN 55313

763-682-8514 (phone)

763-682-8577 (fax)

Thank you:

The health office staff would like to thank you for all of your cooperation throughout the school year. We appreciate your help in keeping all of our students healthy and safe at school. For those of you with students with special health needs or medications, further information will be sent directly to you in regard to your students needs. We hope you will have a wonderful summer and we look forward to working with you in September!