Parents & Community

Parent Visits
Parents are encouraged to visit their child at Montrose. You are always invited to eat breakfast or lunch with your child. Please call school and leave a message before 10:00 a.m. if you plan to eat lunch so that the Food Service Staff can plan ahead. You are welcome to visit your child's classroom. Please call ahead and schedule this with the teacher. You can find out what activities are scheduled and plan to visit at a time that is enjoyable for you and your child.

Checking Students in and out of School
Sometimes family schedules do not fit into the school schedule. If a child is late for school, we ask that a parent personally check the child in at the office. If a child needs to leave early, please come to the office and check the child out with the building secretary. Please send a note with your child in the morning so that the teacher is aware that a student will be leaving early from school. Students must be checked in and out of school through the office. Also, please be aware that if we do not have a note or phone call from a parent about a change in routine for going home, we will follow the established daily routine.