History of Hanover

Hanover, in the tradition of country schools, was a common school district with the typical wooden school house, but with two floors.  The original school was built in 1892 and no longer exists.  In 1958, land was purchased and a brick school consisting of three rooms was constructed.  A few years later two more rooms were built so that grades K-8 could be accommodated.  Around 1968, the Hanover District consolidated with the Buffalo School System.  Hanover area students traditionally went to Buffalo for high school, so this common district consolidated with Buffalo.  District 877 became the official district name.

In 1969 three rooms were added on the east end of the building.  These housed kindergarten, first, and second grade.  The kindergarten room also served as the lunch room, movie room and a program room.  The staff consisted of 6.5 classroom teachers and a part-time music teacher.  There was also a full time custodian, a part-time secretary, and one aide with 165 students in grades K-6.

In 1971 a building boom hit the area and the enrollment began to climb so that by years end there were almost 200 students at Hanover.  In the fall of 1972 enrollment swelled to over 230.  A temporary building was moved to Hanover to house a 3rd-4th grade combination room and kindergarten went to two sections.  In the fall of 1973 over 270 students started school so the church basement across the street was also used as a classroom.  A temporary building was quickly built, but by spring there were 290 students at Hanover and class sizes were very large.

In October of 1974, with over 320 students, a bond issue was passed and in June of 1975 new construction began.  Three temporary buildings and a trailer were relocated around school to accommodate the construction.  School started in fall of 1975 amid the construction area with 370+ students.  Construction moved along and by January 1, 1976 some new classrooms were occupied.  In February the rest of the grades abandoned the temporary buildings and unheated room in the old part of the building for new classrooms.  By April, the rest of the school, including the library, gym, and music room was in use.  In the fall of 1976 classes started in the new part of the building and enrollment reached 400.

In 1989 four additional classrooms were added off the west end of the building and by the 1996-97 school year, enrollment had grown to over 550 students and every available space was being used for classrooms, including the teachers' workroom and the Art/Science room.  The new high school was completed January of 1997 and in the fall of 1997 the old high school became the new 6th-8th grade Buffalo Community Middle School.  Without 6th grade, Hanover enrollment dropped to the mid-400's.Hanover School

In the late 1990's and early 2000's, enrollment continued to grow throughout the district and another Bond Referendum was passed that included a new gym, ECFE/KidKare space, kitchen updates and three new classrooms for Hanover Elementary.  This work was completed in time for the 2006-2007 school year. 

In the summer of 2015 a new office area was added to the front of the school. This addition also included space for the health office. The old office area was renovated into a new kindergarten classroom. The playground received a "facelift" as well as old woodchips and border were removed and replaced. A piece of equipment called a "Net Climber" was also added to the playground at this time.

Hanover Elementary's current enrollment is around 430 students with space to accommodate 600.