Hanover has had a long standing program of volunteerism throughout the school.  Over the years, this program has completed an incomprehensible amount of work for the staff and students at Hanover.  There are numerous projects that couldn't be accomplished here at Hanover if it weren't for the volunteer network.

Background Investigation Form

Any volunteer, employee, substitute, coach, or student teacher at Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools must have a Criminal Background Investigation check completed and approved,BEFORE their first day of employment/volunteering in the district. To complete the Criminial Background Investigation, please open, complete page 1 and print the Background Authorization Form, then submit your form to the school's office.

Once your form is submitted you will receive an e-mail to log on and complete your background check.  A credit card will be needed for payment. If you have a computer and credit card you DO NOT need to complete page 2.
If you DO NOT have access to a computer or credit card, please complete page 2 and submit it to the school office along with cash or check.

At this time we are not able to accept copies of background checks from other districts or employers.

Please contact Principal's Secretary, Melissa Steward, at 763.682.0824 if you wish to volunteer or have questions.