Classroom Placement Form due March 23

Thursday Mar 1, 18

Message from Principal Koltes:

Class Assignments for 2018-2019
We will soon begin the process of making classroom assignments for the next
school year. I wanted to take the opportunity to explain the process as well as note some important changes for this year. First, it is our goal to place students in a classroom that will best meet their needs. To do so, there are several factors we look at when making class lists. We first want each class to have a wide range of ability levels. Balancing class sizes as well as the number of boys and girls in a class are goals. Discipline issues and other special needs are also considered. Finally, social needs and learning styles are also taken into account.
Even though class assignments are the responsibility of the teachers and principal, we recognize that parent input is also an important factor. In the past, parents have had the opportunity to make teacher requests. Because of all the factors we must consider when making class lists, we will not be accepting specific teacher requests this year. While specific teacher requests will not be accepted, we still welcome parent input on your child's learning style, academic and social/emotional needs, and personality traits that will help us find the best possible fit for your child. If you would like to provide us with this input, you can complete the Classroom Placement Form, which is available on our school website or in the front office.
Requesting a specific teacher that an older sibling previously had is one exception that we will still take teacher requests for. We don't keep track of who older siblings had for teachers, so if this is something you want us to consider, you will need to note it on the Classroom Placement Form.
Our rationale for moving away from specific teacher requests are the following:
Children will have many teachers throughout their educational careers and need to learn how to adjust to different personalities and environments.
We can't accept teacher requests so that children can be with their friends. Each year provides new opportunities to make new friends. Besides, grade levels do have lunch and recess together each day so they have plenty of time to see their friends.
Requesting a certain teacher just because someone recommends them is often not the appropriate fit for your child. You really need to experience a school year with a teacher before you make any judgments.
We can't ensure that all teacher requests will be able to be honored. We want to create equity for all of our students and maintain balanced classrooms that are optimal for learning.
Our grade level teachers collaborate with one another constantly and are always sharing ideas and strategies, as well as kids. This means that each child is benefiting from the knowledge and ideas of all of our teachers, not just one.
I am extremely confident in ALL of our teachers here at HES and would feel fortunate having any of my own children in their classrooms. If you have any questions or want to talk more about the classroom placement process, please feel free to contact me at or call at 763-682-0823. The deadline for turning Classroom Placement Forms into the office is March 23rd. Forms will not be accepted after this date. Again, thank you for all of your support. Your partnership ensures that our students at Hanover Elementary School find success!

Click here for the Classroom Placement Form