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Discovery Elementary is the only kindergarten through fifth grade multiage school in the Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose school district. Established in 1997, Discovery Elementary has maintained a student enrollment of less than 260 students. Parents in the Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose school district may choose to enroll their children in our school. Discovery Elementary was awarded the prestigious Ernest L. Boyer Best Practices Award in 2001 honoring elmentary schools with outstanding parent and community involvement programs.

Students participate in multiage instruction in  Grade 1-2 (Primary) and 3-4-5 (Intermediate) classrooms, with students "looping," or remaining with the same multiage classroom teacher while at each multiage level. Graded curriculum is blended so that students in the multiage levels receive the same instruction. The classroom teachers design instruction to accommodate a variety of skills and understandings within the same lesson. Students become learners and "teachers" with opportunities to extend and expand learning beyond their chronological age or grade level. At Discovery, multiage instruction is used as much as possible. Grade level instruction is used for the content area of mathematics. Our kindergarten program runs on a full day schedule.

Two days a week, all K-5 students have an opportunity to participate in a K-5 multiage grouping called Town Square.  This kindergarten through fifth grade class assists students in becoming active learners, in practicing helpfulness and respect for others, and developing citizenship and leadership skills that contribute to a positive and productive school climate. Students develop a sense of community with staff and their schoolmates. They have opportunities to work together in small groups, to develop lasting friendships across age and grade levels, and to contribute to a caring community in and around school. Students remain with their same "Town Square" cluster throughout their years at Discovery.


It is our belief that learning opportunities are increased when students make connections between themselves and their communities. We believe that the connections students make between self and community provide relevance to their learning.

We believe that parents are a valuable resource for student success and that parental involvement is crucial for a successful school. Parents are invited to volunteer in a variety of meaningful ways both in school and at home.

Both our staff and students use the "The Community C's" as the basics for our code of ethics and the foundation behind our "Town Square" character building curriculum. "The Community C 's" represent Cooperation, Collaboration, Celebration, Caring, Cheerful, Consideration, Courageous, Creative and Contribution.


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Daily Schedule K-5

School Daily Schedule: Note: Students should not arrive before 7:25 a.m.

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Food Service

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District transportation is provided by Vision Transportation. This link will provide you with contact information for the bus company, the alternate destination form, transportation policies and a sample violation report should your child receive one on the bus.