Science Teacher Grade 7/Voyager Team

Kerrie Johnson Science Teacher Grade 7/Voyager Team
Kerrie Johnson

I have been teaching for several years now and am looking forward to a new year at BCMS.  Below you will find documents and forms that we will be using throughout the year.  Please refer back often to see what has been updated.  Thanks!


Lesson Plans Week 1 Sept 5-7


Thursday- Handed out first unit packet Scientific Method, began lab p. 8

Friday- cont. lab, planner check (this is done every Fri. and is an assignment grade).

Lesson Plan Week 2, Sept 10-14

Mon-Reading Sec. 1.1  done in class. p. 8 due Tues.

Tues-Due p. 8-10 in Sci. Method packet,  worked on sec. 1.2, pre-hypothesis assessment, Tennis ball lab p. 22-25

Wed.-Readingn Sec. 1.3 p. 5-6, Vocab Terms (do as flashcards this unit)

Thurs.Penny Lab/ Surface Tension, p. 12-13

Fri-Planner check, Reading sec. 1.4 p. 7, p. 14-15 Independent vs. Dependent variables

Lesson Plan Week 3, Sept. 17-21

Mon-DUE-p. 13, Notes Scientific Method, Quiz-Scientific Method on Thurs., Flashcards due Wed.

Tues-p. 14-15 Independent variable vs. Dependent variable

Wed.- DUE-Flashcards, Scientific method steps review, Lab Safety procedures

Thurs- QUIZ over Scientific Method steps (put them in the correct order), p. 16-19 Bubble time

Fri-Wrap up Bubble Time, p. 18-19 due Mon.

Lesson Plan Week 4, Sept 24-28

Mon-Due, p. 18-19, Begin Rotocopters, p. 2 & 7.

Tues- Rotocopters, fly new ones and gather data

Wed-Begin Rotocopter typed lab report-DUE FRIDAY

Th-Work on Rotocopter Typed lab report-DUE FRIDAY

Fri-Typed lab report due Friday. (These are 70pts, very important to turn in.)