Science Teacher Grade 7/Voyager Team

Kerrie Johnson Science Teacher Grade 7/Voyager Team
Kerrie Johnson

I have been teaching for several years now and am so excited to be in the BHM School District.  Below you will find documents and forms that we will be using throughout the year.  Please refer back often to see what has been updated.  Thanks!


Lesson Plans Week 1 Sept 5-8

Tuesday-Welcome letter handed out, due 9/11,  Introductions

Wednesday-Set up group working agreements, Pop and Bean demo/observations

Thursday- Lab Safety  and Lab Safety Contracts

Friday- Begin Ruler Lab, p.8 in packet

Lesson Plan Week 2 Sept 11-15

Monday-Finish Ruler lab, p. 9-10, Welcome letter due (10 Pts), p. 3-4 Questions due Tuesday.

Tuesday-Check p. 3-4, Tennis ball lab, p. 22, Graphing Sec. 1-2 time to work on questions

Wed-Finish tennis ball lab p. 22-24, Sci. Method notes sec. 1-3, p. 11, ]

Thurs.-Penny Lab p. 13 due Fri. , Sec 1-3 reading questions  (p. 5-6) due Mon.

Fri- p. 13 due,  p. 34-36 lab "How Scientists's work"

Lesson Plan Week 3 Sept 18-22

Mon-Due p. 5 & 6, video notes p. 33, Extra Credit opportunity available- make flash cards for 7 steps of Sci. Method (due Wed.)

Tues. -Notes on Sci. Method

Wed-Independent & Dependent variables p. 14-15

Thurs.-Bubble Time p. 16-19 QUIZ over 7 steps of Sci. Method (put them in correct order)

Scientific Method Quiz- 7 Steps

Fri.-Begin Roto Copters

Lesson Plan Week 4, Sept 25-29

Mon.-Rotocopter packet p. 7 due today (did all but number 2 in class),

Rotocopter Prototype creation day p. 7-9

Tues.-Gather data on prototype rotocopter vs.control, begin typing up lab report (final draft due on Friday).

Wed.- Time to type and work on lab report for Rotocopter lab.

Thurs-QUIZ over Sci. Method, work on p. 20, 21, 30

Fri. -DueMon., Rotocopter final lab report, Bias articles, sec. 1.4 notes.

note:  Sci. Method TEST - on Mon next week.

Lesson Plan Week 5, Oct. 2-6

Mon-Rotocopter Lab Report due, Sci. Method Test, Begin Microscope packet, use pages p. 1 & 2, to answer p. 3.

Tues.-Notes on p. 4-5 (page 6 diagram fill in), Begin "e" lab if time, p. 7-10. Quiz over Parts of the microscope on Fri.

Wed.-Cont. "e" lab and thread lab p. 7-10

Thurs.-Video on p. 11, 12, 13, "Incredible World of microscopes"

Fri.- Wrap up labs, Quiz over microscope parts

Lesson Plan Week 6, Oct. 9-13

Mon-p. 15 video on microscope investigations, p. 14 crossword, review for test

Tues- TEST over Microscope Unit 

Wed-Pond water lab, Begin Ecology Packet, p. 1 & 2, Due Fri.

Thurs-Cont. p. 1& 2, Rattlesnake Lab p. 10-12

Friday, Due p. 1 & 2, Complete p. 10-12 rattlesnake lab

Lesson Plan Week 7, Oct. 16-20

Mon-Due, p. 1 & 2, First 12 flashcards for terms, Notes on predator/prey, parasite/host, p. 6-7

Tues-Due p. 3, Fill out pre & post test on p. 26, notes on energy pyramid

Homework due Mon. Oct. 23: last 12 terms as flashcards and p. 6-9 completed.

Lesson Plan Week 8, Oct. 23-27

Mon- Due p. 7-9 and 2nd half of vocab terms as flashcards.  Predation activity p. 17-19, Food webs p. 13.  Introduce Group project for food web.

Tues- p. 13 cont.

Wed.-Work time for group project

Thurs. Work time for group project

Fri- Planner check, last day for work time on group project (food web), Jeopardy Review, Unit Test on Monday over Ecology 1.

Lesson Plan Week 9, Oct. 30-Nov. 3

Mon- Test over Ecology Unit,  Food Web is Due

Tues-Test re-takes in class, video over symbiosis "Trials of Life-Living Together"

Wed- Begin Matter packet, guided reading p. 15-17 due Fri.

Thurs.- p. 27-28, Notes

Fri-Due p. 15-16, finish notes, planner check

Lesson plan Week 10, Nov. 6-10

Mon-Making atoms p. 33-34, p. 18-19 work on in pairs

Tues-Cont. p. 18-19, Notes over p. 22-25, work on second 2 atoms p. 35-36

Wed-Finish notes p. 22-25, Balancing equations p. 26 with chromebook cart

Thurs-Finish atoms p. 37-38

                                 Note:  TEST over unit TUESDAY, Nov. 14


Lesson plan Week 11, Nov. 13-17

Mon-Bonds between atoms

Tues- Rev. for test p. 30-32

Wed- Matter unit test

Thurs-Courage Retreat

Fri- Ecology 2 packet, start new unit, vocabulary Frayer model