Science Teacher Grade 7/Voyager Team

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Kerrie Johnson

I have been teaching for several years now and am looking forward to a new year at BCMS.  Below you will find documents and forms that we will be using throughout the year.  Please refer back often to see what has been updated.  Thanks!


Lesson Plans Week 1 Sept 5-7


Thursday- Handed out first unit packet Scientific Method, began lab p. 8

Friday- cont. lab, planner check (this is done every Fri. and is an assignment grade).

Lesson Plan Week 2, Sept 10-14

Mon-Reading Sec. 1.1  done in class. p. 8 due Tues.

Tues-Due p. 8-10 in Sci. Method packet,  worked on sec. 1.2, pre-hypothesis assessment, Tennis ball lab p. 22-25

Wed.-Readingn Sec. 1.3 p. 5-6, Vocab Terms (do as flashcards this unit)

Thurs.Penny Lab/ Surface Tension, p. 12-13

Fri-Planner check, Reading sec. 1.4 p. 7, p. 14-15 Independent vs. Dependent variables

Lesson Plan Week 3, Sept. 17-21

Mon-DUE-p. 13, Notes Scientific Method, Quiz-Scientific Method on Thurs., Flashcards due Wed.

Tues-p. 14-15 Independent variable vs. Dependent variable

Wed.- DUE-Flashcards, Scientific method steps review, Lab Safety procedures

Thurs- QUIZ over Scientific Method steps (put them in the correct order), p. 16-19 Bubble time

Fri-Wrap up Bubble Time, p. 18-19 due Mon.

Lesson Plan Week 4, Sept 24-28

Mon-Due, p. 18-19, Begin Rotocopters, p. 2 & 7.

Tues- Rotocopters, fly new ones and gather data

Wed-Begin Rotocopter typed lab report-DUE FRIDAY

Th-Work on Rotocopter Typed lab report-DUE FRIDAY

Fri-Typed lab report due today. (These are 70pts, very important to turn in.)

Lesson Plan Week 5, Oct 1-5

Monday- Review for Test-Sci. Method

Tues- TEST Sci. Method, Due, Sci. Method packets with all readings and labs completed.  Begin Microscope Unit/Packet

Wed-Notes for p. 4-5, begin "e" lab  NOTE:  Parts of microscope quiz on Friday.

Thurs-elab & thread lab, p. 7-10 in microscope packet

Fri- Microscope Parts quiz, finish labs

Lesson Plan Week 6, Oct. 8-12

Mon.-Finish e lab and thread lab, review for microscope parts quiz (Tues.)

Tues- Quiz over microscope parts (p. 9 & 10) Lab on prepared slides, work on sketches.

Wed-ALL ROTOCOPTER LAB REPORTS returned, corrections may be turned in until Tues. 10/16.Finished prepared slides, Begin pond water lab, practice sketching skills

Thurs-Cont. Pond water lab, review for microscope TEST

Friday- Microscope TEST, (50 pts.)

Lesson Plan Week 7, Oct.15-19

Mon.-Correct errors on test, Begin Ecology Unit, p. 1 & 2                                            * Terms for Ecology unit, (24 terms) Due Wed. 10/24

Tues-Cont. p. 1 & 2, finish and due, Life in a drop of water-video

Lesson Plan Week 8, Oct. 22-26

Mon-p. 10-11 Rattlesnake Lab

Tues-p. 11-12, Notes on Relationships in a Natural Community

Wed-Vocab Due (10 pts.), p. 6 & 7

Thurs-p. 7-9, p. 17-19 Predation Activity

Friday-Begin Food Web Project-logo creation

Lesson Plan Week 9, Oct. 29-Nov. 2

Mon-Work on Food Web researching what organisms eat

Tues-Wrap up research, begin creating Food Web

Wed.-Finish up arrows on Food Web

Thurs-Food Web due, peer rating, Jeopardy Review

Friday- Test over Ecology 1

Lesson Plan Week 10, Nov. 5-9

Mon-No school

Tues-Begin Matter Unit, assign p. 15, due Thurs.  Hmwk:  Study Quizzlet flashcards online at least 5 minutes.

Wed- p. 16-17 due Friday, Hmwk:  Practice quizzlet flashcards

Thurs- p. 18-19, Notes over elements p. 27-28  Due p. 15

Friday-Planner Check (done every Fri), finish up notes  Due p. 16-17

Lesson Plan Week 11, Nov. 12-16

Monday-Finish p. 18-19, Compilation Video on Matter, Begin building atoms p. 40,42,44 Due Tues.

Tues-Notes over equations p. 22-25

Wed-Cont. notes, and enrichment act. p. 26)  Begin building atoms

Thurs-Courage Retreat

Fri-Continue building atoms., wrap up and review.  If ready, test will be Monday.

Lesson Plan Week 12, Nov. 19-23

Mon-Rev for Unit test on Matter p. 30-32

Tues-Unit Test over Matter

Wed-Fri- Thanksgiving Break

Lesson Plan Week 13, Nov. 25-30

Mon-Review over test, make corrections

Tues-Begin new unit, Ecology 2, assign p. A & B vocab terms, due Wed.(11/28), Work on p. 1 & 2 reading and questions.

Wed-p A & B DUE, assign p. C & D, due Thurs, p. 1 & 2 due  by Fri.

Thurs-Due p. A-D,  assigned as homework, p. E & F, Due Fri.

      *Ex. Credit assigned (5 Pts), p. 8-9 due on Dec. 5th, Wed.

Fri- Planner check, check p. 1 & 2, finish Notes on Cycles of Matter, Due pages E & F, assign p. G & H due Mon. p. 5-7 work on in class, these are homework and due on Mon.

Lesson Plan Week 14, Dec. 3-7

Mon- Due p. G & H, p. 5-7 give time to finish, go over together in class.   Notes on Succession.  Ex. Cr. (p. 8-9) due Wed.

Tues-Finish notes on succession (primary & secondary).  Extra Credit (p. 8-9 due Wed.)

Begin p. 16-19, crossword p. 3-4 and p. 11-12

Wed-Ex. Cr. due p. 8-9, Vocab quiz , cont. work from Tues.

Thurs.-Mt. St. Helens example of primary succession, Review for Unit Test (Fri.)

Fri- Test over Eco. 2, Begin new unit Eco. 3; Biomes, p. 1

Lesson Plan Week 15, Dec. 10-14

Mon-New Packet, Eco. 3, work on p. 1-3, Hmwk: Vocab terms (12) due on THurs.

Tues- Cont. work on p. 1-4, Students get into Biome groups and find out their assigned biome.

Wed-Begin Research p. 5-6, yellow page

Thurs-Due Vocab Terms, p. 1-4 checked, Info. given on adaptations, cont. research.

Fri- Cont. work on food web poster & Google slides for presentation

Lesson Plan Week 16, Dec. 17-21

Mon-Work time on Google slides presentation for Biome & food web poster work time

Tues-Last day for work tiime

Wed-NA Grasslands biome & African Savannah presentations,homework: study p. 7 & 8

Thurs-Finish up 2nd presentation, review. Hmwk:  Study p. 7 & 8

Fri- Test over Grassland biomes

Lesson Plan Week 17, January 2-4

Mon-No School

Tues-No School (New Year's Day)

Wed- Forest presentations, students take notes on pages 11, 12-13

Thurs- Wrap up the forest presentations over Coniferous p. 11, Deciduous p. 12 &     Tropical Rain Forest p. 13

Fri-Review for Test, (Test is on Monday)

Lesson Plan Week 18, Jan 7-11

Mon-Test over Forest Biomes

Tues-Dry biome presentations begin, p. 9 & 10, Tundra & Desert

Wed.-Wrap up presentations & review for test over dry biomes

Thurs-Test over Dry Biomes, begin presentations on Freshwater biomes, p. 17-18

Fri- Wrap up presentations, p. 18 and review for test on Monday over Freshwater biomes

Lesson Plan Week 19, Jan 14-18

Mon-Test over Freshwater Biomes, p. 17-18, Begin presentations on Marine biomes, p. 14-16

Tues-Continue presentations, finishing them, study p. 14-16

Wed-Review biomes for test

Thurs-Last day of Qtr. 2. Test over Marine biomes

Fri-Inservice Day, NO SCHOOL

Lesson Plan Week 20, Jan 21-25


Tues-New Cell Packet (white) , work on Prokaryote vs. Eukaryote, Sec. 3.1, Vocab assigned flashcards/foldable due Friday.

Wed- Cell Theory

Thurs-Lab on Prokaryotes vs. Eukaryotes, begin Notes on organelles, p. 21-23 if time allows.

Fri- Vocab due, finish lab, cont. notes on organelles.

Lesson Plan Week 21, Jan 28-Feb. 1

Mon- Lab p. 24, onion cell

Tues-Cont. Lab p. 24, onion cell, organelle notes, begin p. 16, colored plant cell

Wed-Finish Organelle Notes, cont. p. 16 colored plant cell, begin colored animal cell p. 14,

Thurs-Cont. from Wed. , Introduce 3-D cell project (Due Fri. Feb. 15th.)

Fri.-Elodea Lab

Lesson Plan Week 23, Feb 11-15

Note: Some due dates/labs have been updated due to weather.


     Quiz on Wed over Cell Theory, Levels of Organization & Identifying Cell parts on a cell. 

     Lab-Elodea p. 26-27 finish for homework.


     Lab-Euglena, Time to work on p. 13-16, Signature pages for Cell Project due if you are working with a partner.(bottom of yellow direction page.)



     Cheek Cell Lab

     P. 33-34

Thurs-Finish Lab, cont. p. 33-34

Friday- 3-d CELL PROJECT DUE TODAY (50 PTS.)  Wrap up lab, finish p. 33-34.

Lesson Plan Week 24, Feb. 18-22

Mon- President's Day no school

Tues-p. 33-34 due in cell packet,

Wed-Work on Amoeba Sister's packet over CELL PROCESSES, Osmosis, Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration.  Due Mon.

Thurs- Time to work on packet

Fri-Time to work on packet, packet (except p." Traveling Molecules") due Mon.

Lesson Plan Week 25, Feb. 25-March 1

Mon-Amoeba Sister's Packet DUE, notes on Osmosis

Tues-Notes over Photosynthesis & C. Respiration, Quiz on Thurs.over photosyn and c. resp.

Wed- Notes over C. Respiration (aerobic and anaerobic processes)

Thurs-Quiz over Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration, Prep lab for Root Beer Lab

Fri- Begin lab, observations will be made Mon/Tues/Wed.

Lesson Plan Week 26, March 4-8

Mon- wrapped up root beer lab, worked on 5.1 & 5.2, Vocab terms due Thurs.

Tues-DNA notes, time to work on 5.1 & 5.2

Wed-Work on p. 17-20 in comp. lab

Thurs-Notes on Transcription -Translation, DUE vocab terms & p.

Fri-Work on p. 20-23 in comp. lab

Lesson Plan Week 27, March 11-15


Mon-Worked on p. 17-19, p. 20-23 (these pages due Fri.)

Tues- Mitosis lab with microscopes, cont. work on p. 17-19, 20-23

Wed-Notes on Replication of DNA

Thurs- wrap up and review over mitosis,Cell Jeopardy

Fri- Mitosis Test, Cell Growth Packet due

Lesson Plan Week 28, March 18-22

Mon-New Genetics packet, work on  5.4 & 5.5, due Wed.Transcription & Translation notes (Vocab terms due Friday)

Tues-time to work on 5.4 & 5.5, DNA vs. RNA

Wed-Due: 5.4 & 5.5, work on wrapping up notes over 3 types of RNA, protein synthesis.  Notes over (write them in packet), genetics, genes

Thurs.-Finish Genetics notes, go over Punnett Squares p. 33-34, 37-38

Fri- Virtual DNA extraction lab, if time work on p.20-24

Lesson Plan Week 29, March 25-29

Mon-DNA extraction Lab, punnett square practice in packet, Zorks

Tues-Human Traits Lab, punnett square practice in packet, Zorks

Wed-Punnett square and vocabulary practice

Thurs- Test over Genetics

Fri-Inservice Day-NO SCHOOL

Lesson Plan Week 30, April 8-12

Mon-Classification packet, Sec. 1.1 & 2.1, questions on p. 14-18 due Wed.  Vocabulary (p. 5, 12-13) due Wed.

Tues-3 Domains(Amoeba Sisters), Characteristics of Life notes, Dichotomous key how to use them.

Wed-Dichotomus Key, Norns do first, Then work on Shape Island, then p. 20

Thurs-Cont. work from Wed.  SNOW DAY-NO SCHOOL

Fri- Look over results for p. 20, 24 & 29.

Lesson Plan Week 31, April 15-19

Mon-work on p. 33-34, homwork: p. 30, 5-8,10

Tues-Dichotomous Key practice, p. 20, 24

Wed-Test over Classification

Thurs-Change over Time new packet, begin readings 6.1-6.6 (due Mon), 14 vocab terms assigned, due on Mon.

Fri-Time to work on readings & vocab

Lesson Plan Week 32, April 22-26

Mon-Vocab & p. 6-12 due,

Tues-p. 15, p. 24, #3 due, review for quiz

Wed-Quiz over unit "Change over Time", begin Human Body packet, goals

Thurs-p. 13-15, reading questions

Fri- Eye and Ear presentation, p. 16-19, (these are examples of good presentation vs. bad presentation for when students do their own presentations over their assigned body system.)

Lesson Plan Week 33, April 29-May 3

Mon-p. 13-15 due, Finished notes over Ear, reminded students of quiz tomorrow over Eye & Ear.  Groups assigned for Human Body (HB) system presentations.  Time given to begin their system's pages of info.

*Work time points given each day, starting Tues. for working well with group on presentation & gathering info. for the presentation.

Tues-Quiz over Ear & Eye., Time with group to work on their system's pages.

Wed-computer lab time to work on making google slides presentation.

Thurs- Computer lab time

Fri- computer lab time, due at end of class on Monday.  Monday will be used to polish and practice the presentations.

Lesson Plan Week 34, May 6-10

Mon- Last day to work on polishing presentations, they are due at the end of today.

Tues.-Present Circulatory system

Wed-Lab for Circulatory system, Review

Thurs-Quiz over Circulatory System, Resp. system group presents

Fri- wrap up  of  Resp. system, review ,lab on p. 12-14 in lab packet,  quiz will be on Monday.

Lesson Plan Week 35, May 13-17

Mon.-Quiz over Resp. System, Digestive System presents

Tues-wrap up and review digestive system info.

W-Quiz over Dig. system, Nervous System presents

Th-wrap up presentation, review

Fri-  lab, p. 8-11 due Mon, review, quiz on Nervous System is Monday.

Lesson Plan Week 36, May 20-24

Mon-Quiz over Nervous System/ Notes over Skeletal system

Tues-Finish presentation over skeletal system, begin lab

Wed-Wrap up and review

Thurs-Quiz over Skeletal System/ Integumentary system (hair/skin/nails) presents

Fri-Wrap up review, quiz over integumentary on Tuesday

Lesson Plan Week 37, May 27-31

M-Memorial Day-NO SCHOOL


T-Quiz over Integumentary system/video over Senses & Sensation

W-Excretory System presentation

Th-wrap up and review

F-Quiz over Excretory, Muscle system presentation

Lesson Plan Week 38, June 3-6

M-wrap up and review,  begin lab p. 5-7, p. 18

T-Complete lab, review

W-Muscle system quiz/make note card notes for final

Th-Human Body Final, last day of school