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Links below include information about topics of special interest to parents of Middle School children.

Special Education Parent Referral Process

If you suspect your child has a disability that significantly interferes with their access to a free and appropriate education, you have the right to refer your child for a special education evaluation. Your request for an evaluation can be made verbally or in writing. After the district has received your request, you will be contacted within 10 days to set up a meeting to discuss your concerns and discuss next steps. Complete information on special education services is found on the BHM website


Explore information about bullying, including warning signs that your child is being bullied, your role as a parent and frequently asked questions. For additional information visit the Bullying Resource Center.

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Teens

This AD/HD site addresses the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and co-occuring conditions of AD/HD. For additional information check out Children & Adults with AD/HD.

Anxiety & Depression in Children

This comprehensive site provides information on adolescent depression and anxiety, includes a screening tool for both, has tips for parents as well as ideas for managing anxiety and depression. It also includes podcasts, brochures and resources.

Adolescents & Substance Abuse

This site about adolescents and substance abuse educates about drug facts, drugs that are being abused, warning signs to look for in your child, talking with your child about the danger of drugs, young teens (10-14) and alcohol and prevention strategies for parents. For additional information on alcohol abuse go to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism.