WEB, Where Everyone Belongs

What is WEB?

WEB stands for Where Everybody Belongs. It is a peer mentorship program that empowers 8th grade students to help 6th grade students through highly structured activities. Nearly 100 students of next year's 8th grade class will be trained this summer to lead our incoming 6th grade class through group activities, build relationships and create a school culture of learning, belonging and contributing.

When does WEB take place?

6th Grade WEB Orientation is Thursday, August 24 from 8 am to 12 noon at BCMS. Future 6th grade parents, please mark this very important date on your calendars. You can drop off and pick up your child at the activities entrance (pool doors) or take advantage of the transportation that will be provided to and from this event. See the bus schedule below for approximate pickup and drop-off times.

Bus Schedule


12-Hi Trailer Park (front entrance) @ 7:15 am
Montrose Manor (front entrance) @ 7:15 am
Montrose Elementary (circle in front) @ 7:30 am
Return time to MES will be approximately 12:25 pm, Trailer Parks @ 12:30 pm


Hanover Elementary (Teacher/Parent parking lot) @ 7:15 am
Return time to HES will be approximately 12:25 pm


Northwinds (south parking lot) @ 7:30 am
Parkside (southside) @ 7:30 am
Tatanka (front doors of school) @ 7:30 am
Buffalo High School (south parking lot in front) @ 7:40 am
Return time to Buffalo Schools will be approximately 12:10 pm

WEB events will also be taking place every month throughout the school year. The two 8th grade leaders assigned to your child's WEB group (10 students each) will make it their mission to become a positive role model for your child. The WEB Coordinator team provides these 8th grade leaders with the training and structures they need to make these relationships grow.

Attendance at the WEB orientation is extremely important for your 6th grader to experience and understand what WEB is all about, so please make every effort for your child to attend. The mission of WEB is making your child's transition to Middle School the most welcoming and positive experience that it can be. Please contact us if you have any questions about our program.

The WEB Coordinator Team

David Holler, School Counselor - dholler@bhmschools.org 763.682.8220
Jeana Menzemer, Choir Teacher - jmenzeme@bhmschools.org 763.682.8332
Cherie Sanderson, 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher - csanders@bhmschools.org 763.682.8335
Megan Breyer, Family and Consumer Science Teacher - mbreyer@bhmschools.org 763.682.8259